toerrishumantoforgiveisdivine1To Forgive is Divine…today started off great with an orange juice and real strawberry smoothie for breakfast, but when I got to work; I still wanted “breakfast.”  I went and got a pancake and an egg.  Then for lunch I had a huge nacho supreme.  Who knows how many calories were in that.  I felt so bad; I knew I had to work out.  The whole first 5 minutes of my walk, I beat up myself about my poor food choices….then I said you know what, when Kay Quinn asked me about the most important lesson learned, I said “talking back to the negative thoughts,” so that’s just what I did.  I told myself no matter what you do; you can’t UN-eat the freaking nachos.  Get over it, forgive yourself!  So I picked up the pace to my usual jog and finished my 5K (3.1 mile) Run.  I finished in a little under an hour.  If I wasn’t throwing a pity party in the beginning, I might have beat my official race time…oh well there’s always next time.  I made much healthier choices at dinner and had a chicken salad and my fave, a cold glass of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.  Oh, wait, I can’t forget to mention, I left behind the 2 cousins who “had” to watch the American Idol finale…although, even after my 3 mile run, and I still caught the last hour and a half! 

  1. Ok, I did say I did not want to work out because of the American Idol Finale…but did you have to throw me under the bus on the World Wide Web? Wasn’t it you that quoted “To err is human….? At any rate, I am pride of you determination…Keep it going, and continue to work on “we slaggers”. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks! Cousin, I guess I’ll see for tomorrows work out?!

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