body-worldWhat it would be like if we looked in the mirror and saw our insides instead of the outside?  Not our soul and spirit, but our veins and muscles.  If I were to look in the mirror and see my arteries clogging, would I still have eaten Jack in the Box for breakfast and a deep fried St. Paul sandwich with a side order of crab Rangoon for lunch?  I don’t know…probably not…Well anyway…despite the calorie ladden meals I ate, I’m still committed to my new 5 K training program.  I completed day two of my Week 1 podcast.  Carli had me dripping with sweat again!  Since the running podcasts are only 30 minutes, I decided to hit the elliptical in the weight room. I turned on the week 2 podcast and revved up my speed on the machine every time Carli said in her nice little voice, “okay, time for a 90 second run.”  I really cracked up laughing when I heard C+C Music Factory screaming “Everybody Sweat Now”, through my iPod, because “sweat” was the name of the game….By the time I finished this routine, I was quite “Unpretty” and sweat funky…But, that didn’t that stop the ex-boyfriend from watching me in the gym mirror, or making a comment that I can’t repeat because my Mama reads my blog….LOL!!!!!!!!!  😉

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