race-for-the-cure1This weekend was jam packed. We had lots of family in town for my Grandmother’s 75th B-Day Party.  Everyone was hanging out the night before eating Chinese Food at 11 PM… I choose to eat grapes and drink diet coke.   I can’t say I was as disciplined at the actual party, but hey I walked 3 miles in the blazing heat Saturday morning…What started off as a means for me to exercise and stay fit, turned into a wonderful unforgettable experience.  This morning I got up at 6:30 AM and got ready for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer 5K walk.  I was a lot less anxious than I was for my 1st 5K, since I was only walking, and not worried about my finish time.  As I waited for the Metro Link train to take me downtown, I began to see all the ladies in their pink survivor t-shirts.  I was a little emotional as one of my best friends lost his Mom to cancer earlier this year.  I walked today in memory of her and to help find a cure for all the women who have to fight this disease.  While we meandered through a sea of people, if you looked forward or behind, there were supporters as far as the eye could see…I was told there were 66,000 participants.  It was hot and humid, but ironic how no one seemed to mind.  We crossed the finish line in about 1hr and 20 minutes.  When I got home everyone was proud that I completed another 5K for such a good cause, and of course they teased me for my new chocolatey tan. 



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