saunaSo today, I was feeling kind of bad and didn’t really want to go workout. I was going to call the little sister and cancel our gym appointment.  Then, my friend, a true gym junkie, called and said he wanted to workout with me. It was perfect timing! It was nice to workout with somebody else and do a different routine. He was nice enough to slow down and power walk with me, then we jogged for a bit…I’m not ashamed to say, I got left in the dust. After our run,  we all went to the weight/machine room. Me and the little sister had a competition on the elliptical machines, while my friend lifted weights. And then, as if all that wasn’t enough, we went to Sauna. It was so relaxing. I felt so good on the way home, no tense muscles…my mind and body were at ease. Me and little sister both agreed we will enjoy the sauna a little more often.

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