MJ Party Pic Of MeThis morning’s boot camp class was the last one in this session.  That was the only reason, I rolled over, stepped over sleeping Nyah, and picked up the little sister.  Since it was chilly this morning, (60 degrees in late July), I put on the track pants I used to wear when I was training for my 1st 5K race.  They were huge! They swallowed me, and I was pretty excited about that…. 

Once we arrived at class, all of the other class attendees punked out and stayed in bed; so it was only me, the little sister and the trainer.  We did a push-up test, and I did 32 in one minute.  When we first started, a month ago, I could only do 26.  The little sister also improved with her sit-up and push-up test.  Even though, I haven’t lost weight on the scale, or as my mother put it “the thermometer hasn’t moved,”  I have lost inches… And I have to mention that I think I looked pretty good in my skin tight leggings at my Michael Jackson Party.  [ad#Google Adsense]

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