Let me start by saying, I didn’t workout this weekend, and I ate good at a fabulous Chinese/Japanese Buffet for my birthday, AND I don’t feel the least bit bothered by it.  But, what’s important is, this morning I got right back on track and started my day with a protein shake.  During my meeting with my physical therapist last week, she said I need to mix up my workout routine to help get off my plateau. 

I went to the YMCA and took a cardio kick boxing class.  The instructor looked at me when they did tricky moves and said, “it’s okay if you can’t do it.”  At first I was confused, why wouldn’t I would be able to do it?  Why is she saying it to me?   And then I realized, oh, I’m the new kid on the block and I’m quite a bit heavier than the other students…I just smiled and showed all of them that I may have an extra roll (or 2), but I can run, and squat and kick just like the skinny girls!  I love a challenge!

  1. Wow!! You are such an inspiration.
    You have convinced me to start running again.
    Thank you

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