I left the drama behind, and got off my butt today and went to the gym.  Mom and the little sister joined me.  This is mom’s second time working out this week!  And she hadn’t worked out for months! Yay Mama!  She said she might even buy an Mp3 player and download my 5K training podcast because she wants to be “Fit and Fierce.”  I love it!  I jogged for about 2 miles while listening to Week 4 and checking for last minute corrections.  Then I ate some fresh pineapple and headed to the studio.  We finished week 3 and week 4.  I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Running!

  1. Hi Carli!
    I love, love, love your podcasts. Do you have a mailing address I can send a donation to? it’s missing from the ‘Keep it Running’ tab.

    Gotta run 😉


  2. I just signed up & I was looking for the podcasts after week 3. I dont know if I am searching correctly, but I only seen weeks 1-3 to download. Are there more yet?

  3. I found your site and am hoping to see week 4 soon. The music on the other downloads are not really my style and as i head into week 4 i need more motivation. Thanks. allison

    • Thanks so much for running to my podcasts! Unfortunately week 4 still had errors, and I want it to be perfect, I’m working with my friend who has the studio and all the production equipment to see when I can make the edits.

  4. Week 4 is great. I am motivated to keep moving fwd. Thanks again for putting this all together.

    • Thanks, I was hoping I could keep up w/ the same positive reviews I got from Weeks 1 and 2. I guess I better hurry and get 5 and 6 finished!

  5. Thanks for the playlists! The music really does help keep you going. Looking forward to week 5.

  6. Hi Carli
    A friend of mine told me about Couch to 5K so I Googled it today and found your website. I just finished defending my Masters and have neglected the gym for the past two months and your Week 1 podcast really helped motivate me today. I’m really excited now to work out and can’t wait to hear the rest of them. So first of all, thank you! And if you know anywhere else where I find music that has been professionally mixed for workout purposes, please let me know. Also, my plan is to run a 5K in November and make a donation to you when I run it. Hold me to it! Both the run and the donation 🙂

    • Ms. Behaviour, thanks for downloading Week 1! I earned my Masters Degree while working full time, so I know it can be tough. I checked out your blog, congrats for getting to the gym amongst the other things on your bucket list! Keep in touch and let me know your progress.

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