The “Bum-Pop Man” aka Ice Cream Truck is driving around playing loud Gangsta Rap instead of the little jingle he’s supposed to play.  Just another crazy hood story… Anyway, today was the Official start day for Get Fit 4 Christ. Our assignment was to Run 15 Minutes, Write down all of our food, Read John Chapters 1-7, and blog. I did 3 out 4. Can you believe I didn’t run? I felt terrible today; I was lying sick in bed most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I read the assigned chapters, they discussed Jesus and when he started to perform miracles like turning water to wine and showing people who he really was.  It was an interesting read, and this time the bible was right by my bed, and not hidden in my trunk. It feels good to say, I read, took notes, and even understood… I’ll have new feature at the end of my Posts called, “What Did Carli Eat Today?” …Please don’t eat what I eat… All Day, I was trying so hard not to eat “Devil-Food” (a funny term I made up), because I was thinking that people might read this and get food ideas. I really wanted pizza for dinner, but I got Subway instead, just for y’all!

What Did Carli Eat Today?
Bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch
Juice Box of 100% Fruit Juice
Leftover Whole Wheat Linguini from the Olive Garden
Most of a Foot long from Subway (loaded with tons of veggies), Sun Chips and a Diet Coke

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