woman-scornedThis morning, it was raining, and I didn’t go for my run.  Then I ate greasy pancakes, and I pretty much felt queasy the rest of the day.  Yes, these are just excuses, but I got a great non-exercise story to tell since I was just sitting at home….Mid-Morning today, during the pancake feast, my doorbell rang.  Nyah was excited to see who was there, but I took my time going to look out the window, because my love-sick ex-boyfriend always rings the bell and runs. (But, that’s a whole different story!)  When I got to the window to look out, there was actually some guy I’d never seen before on my porch.  I said “Who is it?” and he said “Do you know who’s car that is?” as he motioned across the street.  I said “No” and looked at the car in complete shock.  He said “Some girl came up and destroyed it and just drove off, didn’t you hear it?”  She flattened all the tires, bust the windows, tore up the inside of the trunk and cut up the seats.

I’d only seen things like that on TV.   None of us knew who the owner was, but I knew for a fact it was a man.  About a half hour later the guy came out to his car, just shaking his head, he knew what he had done.  They called police and the CSI squad.  There were 3 police cars, and the CSI lady pulled out her kit to dust for finger prints and take samples.  It was so exciting! I mean, I felt terrible for the guy, but it was so cool to see all the real CSI stuff.  Then….The WIFE came!  I could see her wedding ring from my window.  She was telling the police, she doesn’t know why the girl would do something like this.  I was thinking “Duh, she found out her boyfriend was married to YOU!”  The police took statements from the guy, his wife and the neighbors who witnessed it, and then they packed up and left.  Finally, AAA came and towed away the man’s totaled car.  Now get this, I took a picture on my cell so I could post it on here, and you know what?  My freaking phone fell in the washing machine while I was doing laundry.  I guess that was I deserve for being so nosey.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll just go running and mind my own business!

  1. Laughs!!!! Yes he knew what he’d done and yes, your phone DID fall in the washer because you were being nosey. I would have done the exact same thing though!

    Keep running and blogging! You are inspirational!

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