questionI guess that’s the question you’re probably asking.  I’ve never gone this long without blogging.  The answer is a little complicated, yet simple.   I’ve taken some time to do some spiritual growth.  I’ve been reading and studying the bible and reading “The Purpose Driven® Life.”  A month ago, I had to find my bible buried in my trunk, and I never imagined that now I’d be attending church every Sunday.  But beyond that, I’m on the Church’s 51st Anniversary committee as co-chairman with my Big Little Sister.  AND…I’m teaching a fitness and nutrition class at the church that starts on Oct. 12th.  Can you believe it?  I told God, I was ready to work, but I meant at a law firm, but clearly he thought I meant in the church. Lesson Learned:  Be Very Specific what you pray for, because you just might get it!…

The only physical activity I’ve done is the last week was my one personal training session with Lyle.  I just didn’t have the urge.  Last Night, my body felt so stiff and “blah” that I made up my mind that I had go running this morning.  It was a beautiful 68 degrees outside, when I went to the park.  I put on all my gear (I put on my Nike + Thing in my new shoe pouch, my new shoes, my waist slimming band, my Belt to hold my keys and phone and my iPod.) However, despite all of my technological preparations, I was only able to run for about 5 minutes before everything started hurting.   When you don’t run, you lose it so quickly it almost seems unfair, last week I was running up to 20 minutes!    But I guess something is better than nothing.  I did a total of about 2 miles.  I also finally signed up for the Get Fit 4 Christ  5K that Lyle wants us to run on Oct. 10th.  Will I be ready?  …I had an okay day, as far as food was concerned. 


What Did Carli Eat Today?


L- Homemade Pizza (Wheat Pita bread, lite mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni and spinach)

S- Almonds

D- Chili and Crackers

S- Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Glass of Moscato  

  1. Carli…
    I just read about your 5K… fininshing with Rocky.. you moved me so much… that I cried… when I watched you crossing the finish line… I am so VERY PROUD of you.. Now you have gotten me into believing I may be able to… Thank You.. God Bless You
    Stacy J. 🙂

  2. Stacy, one of the first steps is believing that you can do it. Like I always say, if I did it, ANYONE can. Good luck, and keep me posted. I want to hear all about your 5K when you finish. 🙂

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