I woke up today thinking that I didn’t have anything to do.  The only thing on my “to do list” was my monthly check- in with the unemployment office.  Then I remembered, I do have to go running.  I hadn’t been running since Monday.  I got all dressed and ready to go.  It was a sunny day, so I put on my sexy specs, got my fur baby and went to the park.  Race day is so soon, I think it’s only in week or so.   I decided to do the whole 3 miles.  I put on the Week 9 podcast, set my mind to it and started running.  I shocked myself as I ran through the “you’ve been running for 5 minutes” mark.  So I just kept running.  I think I may have run for about a mile before it got a little tough.  I walked it out, and ran then walked and ran.  At the turn around point, about half way through, I heard the Eminem song “’Till I Collapse  He said he even when you feel tired and wanna give up, you gotta reach and pull out that inner strength, he said he won’t stop till the his leg gives out and his bones collapse!” Now he was talking about rapping, but I love the message, just give it all you got.  I thought about the girl who barfed her way across the finish line in my 1st 5K, now that’s determination…

I turned around and started running again, I did the whole 3 miles, which is 5K, and I checked my time, 50 minutes!  Not Bad…well you know I’m comparing myself to myself not the average runner.  I couldn’t run for more than 5 minutes a week ago, for me to finish the whole thing in 50 minutes, it was a huge accomplishment.  My last clock time was 49:52 minutes, and if I push a little harder, maybe I will meet my goal and beat my last race  time.  Later that night I went to a Women’s event at my cousin’s church.  It was absolutely fabulous.  They had dinner and dessert, horse drawn carriages, photos on the red carpet and an awesome speaker, Dr. Stacia Pierce.  She is an entrepreneur and has lost 70 pounds!  I felt like she was talking directly to me.  She defined laziness as “an unwillingness to inconvenience yourself”  And explained how once you stop being lazy and break though that “thing” (hers and mine is weight loss), you will finally be able to achieve your dreams and succeed. 

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B– Protein Bar

L– Protein Shake

S– Protein Bar and Protein Water

D- Chicken, salad, pasta, roll, mini cheesecake and cake

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