I know everyone hates being sick, but I really just hate it! I woke up at like 3AM with snot running and throat hurting, *sniffle* it’s just gross.   I took some expired Nyquil and tried to go back to sleep.  When I got out of bed this morning I still felt pretty yuck.  My friend was nice enough to swing by in the rain to bring me some Dayquil.  I was just praying that I got better because I knew I had to teach the fitness class tonight at church tonight.  During the day, I did a little bit of reading and researching and I found some pictures in SELF magazine with this cute little dancer from whatever that celebrity dance show is called.  She had some ballet dance moves in there, and I thought how unique, I’ll add them to my church class routine.  I like to do moves that are different and fun to keep the people entertained.

 With the rain, I wasn’t even sure anyone would show up.  But I had 5 students, 3 of which were Mom and both sisters,  but nonetheless there were 5 attendees.  We had great time.  We did some real cardio, we ran laps in the basement, did jumping jacks and of course I incorporated the ballet dance moves, and instructed everyone to be graceful and controlled like a ballerina.  It was a good sweaty work out.  I guess the prayer and Day-Quil made it all possible.  

What Did Carli Eat Today?  Nothing to brag about…

B- Beef Stew – too sick to cook, so I just warmed this up.

S- Mixed Nuts

L- Homemade Hamburger and spaghetti

D- T-Bone Steak, salad, and Baked potato and Texas Toast (take-out)

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