200236712-001Agh! I hate rain. I’m fighting off the last little remnants of my cold, and here in St. Louis, we’ve been experiencing rain of Biblical proportions.  I’m going to start looking for the ark in a minute…. Since it was so yuck outside and I’m still waiting for my fingerprints to come back from the FBI so that I can start my new gig, I decided to work out from home.  Last week, I probably should not have asked the background screening guy “If an alarm would go off if I was crazed criminal on the run?”  He gave me a strange look and said “No, they have to send the prints to the FBI first, and they would notify them.”  My inappropriate question might be what’s holding up this employement screening process.  But I was just curious you know, about how it all worked…Anyway, today I decided to work out to exercise DVDs in my living room.  I did “Sit & Get Fit ” and Mel B’s Totally Fit.  Sit and Get Fit was for seniors, it had some good moves and stretches, but was super boring with no music.  I was on the phone with my sisters during most of it.  I got a good laugh when both of them asked me who was the weird old guy in my house they heard through the phone. Then they got a laugh when told them it was an old guy wearing slippers doing chair exercises 🙂   Mel B’s video was cool and the arm exercises were a killer.  I couldn’t do all of it, it’s definitely not a DVD for beginners.  She’s got a banging body!  It makes you want to keep going hoping that one day you might come close to looking like that. 

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B– Spinach and Onion 3 egg Omelet and Whole Grain Toast

S– Homemade caramel popcorn, Special K Protein Water

L – Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese Sandwich

DVeggie Stir-Fry w/ Chicken and eggplant and Rice Got tired, ate leftover spaghetti

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