Weight Watcher Soup

Weight Watcher Soup

OMG!!! So, I came home from a very long day and casually checked my blog stats as usual, expecting to see the normal average of about 200 hits that I get in one day. But today it said I got 453 HITS. “No Effin Way!” I exclaimed. No, I didn’t say the F-word, LOL…..I literally screamed “No effin way.” Who thought the chunky girl’s running blog would get any hits beyond my Mama 🙂 It’s absolutly amazing! Due to the success stories that receive almost daily, I decided to start “Carli’s Couch to 5K Wall of Fame” for all of the people who used my C25K podcast and actually finished the race. I WANT YOUR PICS. Email them to me at Carli@carlifierce.com. I’m working on the page now, and it should be up and “running”…he he….pretty soon. I can’t wait; it’s going to be great guys.
Anyway, all the other stuff I had to say seems minimal compared to that. But, I decided to go back to Weight Watchers today. I say ‘go back’ because I was an avid weight watcher in college and lost just under 50 lbs. I even kept it off for like 2 years, and then I thought, well geez I’m cured. I quit going to meetings and ate what I wanted. I learned the long hard 100 pounds later way that there is no “cure.” It took me a long time to accept that, but once I did, that’s when I joined the Washington University Weight Management program, where I’ve done my most recent weight loss. There may not be a “cure”, but there is a way to control it. I would love to go back, but it’s really expensive (like $80/week expensive). Y’all know I was unemployed until last week, so Weight Watchers seemed like the next best bet. The meeting was great! The leader talked about the dreaded “E-Word” (aka exercise), a word that I try to eliminate from my blog because it has such negative connotations. But she talked about doing the little things like walking on your lunch break and accepting that you can exercise just about anywhere and don’t need a gym or fancy equipment. I was so amped I came home and made some fantastic 2-point broccoli cheese soup. (2% Velveeta Cheese, Fat-Free Chicken broth, Broccoli and Rotell all dumped in a pot). I also set a goal this week to track my food every day. Wish me Luck!
*Gasping for air* *Clenching my Chest* Now at 545 Hits!



  1. You are an inspiration! We wouldn’t be able to get through our Couch to 5K workouts without you!

  2. I discovered your podcast 3 weeks ago. I had just started the c25K but was not happy with the music selections on the other podcasts. Thank God for you! I have never been a runner or excerciser, but I just finished W5D3 yesterday and I DID It; Ran 20 mins. I’m so proud of myself. My goal was to run 2 miles by my 50th birthday, I’m 2 weeks early! I also joined Weight Watchers , Sept 2nd. I’m on the online program. I ‘ve lost 29 lbs, I know much of it has to do with the C25K. I feel great. Thank you again for the inspiration. I want to be one of your success stories.


    • Anna, I know you’ll make it to the Wall of Fame. Week 5 is one of the hardest and you made it! Happy Early B-Day 🙂

  3. Hey Carli, awesome on the site stats. I’m so happy that I found your podcast – best music by far and so very professional on your cues. Yeah! Just about to download week 3 now 🙂

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