wall-of-fame2The Wall of Fame is up and running!  All runners who used my podcast to get off the couch and start running, and FINISHED the 5K have earned a spot on Carli’s  Wall of Fame.  Just email me (Carli@carlifierce.com) your race day pic, and I’ll add you to the Wall of Fame.  I can’t wait to see it start to fill up!

*I ate good today, stuck to the plan, but don’t have time to post, need to go to bed.

  1. I’m running my first 5K on Jan 1! Today is W1D2 with your podcast, I’ll be shooting for my picture on your wall of fame!! Woooo!

  2. I still have to find a 5km run event…but once I have done it I’ll definitely be sending my photo your way 🙂

    • 5K’s are really common there’s usually one somewhere almost every weekend, I’ve found that they cost about $25-$35 for registration. Check out this website for one in your area. http://www.active.com/

  3. Did I really hear the ‘rocky’ theme at the end of week 8? Actually made me smile when I was struggling to finish the 28 minute stretch. Thanks.

    • Yes, Lynn! You did it, one more week, and I want to see you up here on the Wall of Fame. I hope you found a race in your area.

  4. I am actually doing a 5k this weekend — a cold sidelined me on my c25k schedule for one week so I am one week off — I had intended to be on week 9 day 3 this saturday instead I will be on week 8 day 3! If this morning’s run is any indication of how the day will go I should do great! thanks for the music and the encouragement!

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