We were all created with the innate power to choose. We make thousands of choices every single day all throughout the day. But it never ceases to amaze me that I often forget that I have the power to choose when it comes to food. Earlier this week I was busy helping with the church anniversary, and got stressed and in a hurry and ate Jack in the Box, and cake at Midnight while over my sisters house. Then at work, there is… “The Food Cube.” Would you believe there is an entire cubicle dedicated to FOOD! No lie. It’s stuff people bring in daily. I’m not talking about crappy food, nobody wants. It’s something new every day, chili cheese dogs, every kind of cookie, cakes, pies, donuts, you name it. I was being so good, but snickerdoodle cookies got me. I must have eaten 3 or 4. Cake the night before, cookies the next, I was so mad at myself. Then the next night at the church service I got a good word about how God gave us the power to choose. Of course the minister was talking about your power to make a decision to choose Christ, but related it to my everyday decisions that I have to make towards living a healthy lifestyle. I really do have the power to choose, I don’t have to eat “devil food” because I’m stressed or tired or too busy to cook a healthy meal. So I started out today with a new attitude. Every day, every time I eat, I have the power to choose to be healthy. As soon I woke up this morning I begin to think about the choices that I make and acknowledge that I’m the only one who can make decisions about what I eat. And today was a good day! I stuck to my points goal and make good choices all throughout the day.

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  1. Your website is EXACTLY what I needed to hear and see today. Gotta believe it is a GOD thing to have found you (looking for mp3 download for Couch to 5K.) You are a real person: real struggles, real challenges, real success. Love this blog about the power to choose. Agree with you, though, regarding the food cube at work–STAY AWAY! Even with healthy choices, if you’re like me the “devil food” calls… Thanks for sharing your journey.

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