Hey everybody!  I made it back to the recording studio.  The old Week 5 podcast’s Day 1 intervals were 2 minutes too long, which, in new runner time can be an eternity. Sorry about that.   The new one is perfect.  Each days runs are the appropriate length if you are following the cool running Couch to 5K new runner plan.  I wanted to mention that the cool running program is free.  I noticed some ads on their website that might lead you to believe that it costs, but it’s free to take a look at and even print the running plan.  I hope you enjoy the new Week 5.  Somebody emailed me today, and told me they thought the music in week 5 was a little too racy.  I like all the songs, but you can check out the play list before you download it.  Please note that I did edit any profanity from the music.  I hope you enjoy it and Happy Running.

  1. I liked the music! Definitely a lot more fun – and when I hit a song I know; it’s just awesome! It really keeps me motivated! I laughed when I saw this blog – I remember the first day of week 5 on the last running interval and trying to figure out why it felt like it was stretching on forever! I pushed through – your encouragement on the podcasts is SOOOOO helpful! Last day of week 6 tomorrow. Thanks again! And way to go! In my books, you’re already fierce!!


  2. Thank you so much…perfect timing, I am starting Week 5 tomorrow!!! I never thought that I would make it this far, but your great podcasts really help push me through!! Thanks!!
    Tam 🙂

  3. oh cool! I just realized this error when I did week 5 day 1 today. I didn’t realize it while I was running but then I was trying to figure out why the podcast length was 36 minutes if the workout only added up to 31. I think the Day 2 one is a bit off too. I think it goes 8 – 7- 10 instead of 8 – 5 – 8. I’m just going to go with the old one for my Day 2 as well to help prepare me for the 20 minute run on day 3 !
    I like the music… it’s peppy and keeps me going! Your podcasts are great!

  4. Thanks Carli for all your work on the podcasts! I just finished week 5 last night and had such a huge sense of accomplishment at running 20 minutes straight. I have never run that long at once before and it was amazing and amazingly hard! But I didn’t give up and am so excited to get started on week 6. Keep up your good work!

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