I had a Terrible morning!  It was hard to get out of bed, and once I finally did, I was running late. I mixed up a protein shake, and put it in the freezer.   If I don’t blend it in the smoothie maker (I love that thing b/c it doesn’t leave ice chunks like a regular blender); then I usually put it in the freezer when I get up so that it’s nice and slushy when it’s time to leave for work.   My pants were a little wrinkled, so I ran the iron over them.  I took my shower.  Then I had to layer up with tights, socks, and t-shirt under my dress shirt.  I was in such a hurry, that on my way out I snatched open the freezer door to get my shake.  It went EVERYWHERE!  It was almost as if somebody inside the fridge threw it at me.  It was all over the freezer, all over the fridge door, dripping down the magnets, sprayed across the entire kitchen floor, all the way over to the sink.  My shirt and pants were soaked.  It was even on my boots!  How in the world could 10 ounces of slushy shake go so far? I was so upset, but even madder at myself for pulling open the door so fast.  I had to find another outfit, and clean up the kitchen, and I was already late.  I tried to calm myself down on the drive to work.  When I walked into work 20 minutes late, the partner, my boss, was right there.  Uggh this day wasn’t getting any better.  I gave a forced friendly smile, when on the inside, I was really panicking.  It’s definitely not a good look for the new kid on the block to be 20 minutes late.  Then later I hit my foot one of the other attorney’s desk; man that hurt.  I said this day has to get better, I kept telling myself positive things.  I turned in an assignment 2 days early to the partner, so hopefully, that gave me some cool points with him.  Anyway, after my pretty crappy day, I knew I still had to go running.  Something about the “sag wagon” that picks you up if you don’t finish the half-marathon makes me nervous.  I went to the gym and hit the track.  I put on Day 2 of my week 2 podcast.  All was good until this guy and this lady came up the track smelling like fish and cheap cologne.  It was awful.  I kept thinking my bum knee is hurting; my stupid foot that I bumped on the desk is hurting, and now I have to inhale their funk????  I couldn’t win for losing today.  But, despite it all, I ran all of the 90 second intervals and made it home before the 4-8 inches of snow began to fall. 

  1. MAN! That IS a crappy day! I do the Herbalife shakes in the mornings, so I’ve been where you are before… Lol! The worst is when your in a hurry, its like nothing will go smoothly when your late for work. I have 4 dogs at home too, and they always KNOW when I’m running late, because then they go into a frenzy right along with me and make it worse. Lol!
    I hope your day gets better Carli!
    I’m starting your podcasts and the program over tonight. I did it all on the treadmill before and my races are outside… So I have to buck up and start running outside. Lol! But whats a little cold. I wouldnt live in Minnesota if I didnt like the cold, right? (hear the sarcasm there?) Lol!

    • Emily I hate the cold weather! But at least I didn’t use it as an excuse. I was so glad that Nyah was outside when it spilled, because I know that she would have been right there licking it up off the floor, adding to the problem! LOL! Week 5 and 7 are fixed, so you’re good to go, just download those weeks again. When it’s this cold I do the indoor track at the gym because its a little more like to running outside on the pavement.

  2. Carli, you are truly an inspiration! I am in awe of your determination and hard work!!! I am a new runner, and finished W1D4 today. One foot in front of the other, and I’m ready for tomorrow! The biggest challenge I faced this week was timing my intervals….My cell phone luckily had a stop watch function, but what a pain in the rear!! So after browsing through coolrunning today, one of the forums mentioned your website. Thanks to your podcasts, I’m even MORE excited for D5, and W2 is a little less daunting!!! Not only are your music selections fabulous, but I no longer have to look at my stupid cell phone all the time to determine my intervals. Thank you for making your podcasts available!

  3. Hey Carli,

    I just started the C25K. I’m pumped. Reading your blog is really inspiring knowing someone else is going through it. Good Luck and I hope tomorrow is better. It has to be. It’s friday 🙂 I was going to run outside tomorrow but we’re due for snow. Oh well, I’ll try my best not to wipe out. I have to get used to it. It’s just the beginning on snow season in VT. Happy Friday-Marissa