Hey Guys.  Today was just like the title said, Nothing to brag about.  I haven’t worked out since Monday, and I’ve been eating sooo bad.  Breakfast was okay, I had a Fiber One granola bar, lunch was fried rice and the best crab rangoon from a Thai restaurant downtown.  Somehow 2 giant cookies managed to sneak in, or was it three?  Ugh, I feel so fat. For dinner I went to one of those run of mill award banquets with my Dad’s job.  You know, with the round table chairs too close together and long winded speakers.  The creme brulee was deliciously fantastic and I’m sure artery clogging all at the same time.  It was however, actually entertaining, at the begining when about 50 protesters crashed the party.  They went up on the stage and chanted ‘We Want Jobs!, Give Us Jobs’, through a megaphone.  Most of us thought it was a skit, and a part of the program, until they turned the stage lights out, and security ushered them off the stage.  Only in America!…On another note, I can however, proudly say, I’m sticking to my ban from soda.  I haven’t had one in forever.  I still crave one from time to time, but I try to focus on the big picture instead of my immediate desire for a caffeine jolt.  It’s so funny, when I tell people I just recently quit drinking soda, they all shriek back in horror and say “WHY????”  You would think told people I started doing illegal drugs or something the complete opposite of what I’m really doing (getting healthy).  Today at work, one lady told me she was a Coke addict and can easily drink 12 cans a day! I told her about the ingredient they put in there that’s also used to make the fireworks whistle.  Hopefully it will influence her as much as it influenced me.  Knowledge is power.   Note to Self: Just because the cookies and the creme brulee were Free, it doesn’t mean you had to eat it.

  1. Hey I just found my way to your blog and I gotta say you’re awesome. I started c25k just before the weather turned. I think you have inspired me to restart!

    BTW, I think “Just because ____ were Free, it doesn’t mean you had to eat it.” is my new mantra.

    • Sometimes its so good to hear somebody preach your own word! I always say, well it’s FREE, how could I not eat it?… Easily, just don’t eat it. Sometimes we make it harder than it has to be. Good Luck, and I hope to see you on the Wall of Fame!

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