2009 Reflections  This post might be kind of long, because I’ve got lots of good stuff to say.  Way back at the beginning of 2009, I set this crazy goal to become a real runner and run a real race.  I started training in February, with the Couch to 5K program.  I needed some accountability, so I created my alter ego, Carli Fierce and sent weekly emails to family and friends that eventfully turned into this Running Into Shape blog that today reached 30,000 visits.  I overcame my fears, and In April, I ran my 1st 5K race.  I met my goals of finishing in under an hour, and not being last! I loved the Couch to 5 K program so much that I went to the studio and recorded a podcast to fit my musical taste.    I signed up for another 5K, the Race for the Cure with a crowd of 66,000 supporters and got a lot more from it than just a good workout.  Then I ran the All Star 5 K in July, picked up a little speed and achieved more personal goals.  This year I became more physically active than I have ever been in my life.  For the first time I worked out consistently on average 3 times and week, and on some days, I even worked out twice!   Even though I’m still on my journey to a healthy weight, this year I lost a ton of inches and even dress sizes.  2009 also brought some really unexpected challenges my way.  I was laid off from my job of 3 years during one of the worst economic downfalls in history.   Jobs were so scarce.   I eventually got so tired of just sitting at home that I got really sad and had to pull myself out it. Why me I asked? Am I being punished?  Then I began to realize that God allowed me to go through that situation, so I that I would wake up and remember to put my faith in him and not in my employer.  And you know what? I was out of a job for 2 and half months, and I am proud to say, I did not have to borrow a dime from anyone.  Every time I would do the math for monthly bills, it always came up negative, but somehow month after month everything got paid.   It was during this time emotional time that I decided to become a group fitness instructor to help others on their journey to fitness.  I aced my CPR certification test that’s needed as a prerequisite to become a group instructor.  I started going to church regularly, and I even taught a 4 week aerobics and nutrition class at church.   Despite the recession, I got a new job and then and even better new new job with benefits.    2010 Resolutions In 2010, I have bigger and better goals to be achieved.  I have a wild and crazy dream of finishing a half marathon race.  That’s more than 13 Miles.   I’m also going to create the Fat to Fit to Fierce fitness DVD.  I’m going to study hard and pass my group fitness instructor certification test later this month.  I’ve already volunteered to teach the aerobics class at church again, but this time it will be for 5 weeks.  I also hope to branch out and teach a class at the gym.  I did the Fat part of my slogan, right now I’m Fit, but in 2010 I hope to make to the Fierce!  I can’t wait to shop in the regular section of the department store, and to not be confined to a small corner or a just a single store. I have pictures of all of these goals posted on my refrigerator, so that I have a daily visual reminder.  I’ve already kicked off the New Year the right way.  Despite the fact that I celebrated the New Year until the break of dawn (literally), I got up and cooked a fantastic healthy breakfast and went to the gym.  It was freezing outside, but that was no excuse.  When I got there I ran into my Dad and my Uncle.  I guess they’re trying to get it right for the New Year too.   I decided to run with my Week 2 podcast, because I haven’t run in forever, and you lose that agility quick! Let me tell you, Week 2 kicked my BUTT!  I completed all the runs, but it was no joke.  I was breathing so hard I had that yucky taste in the back of my throat like my lungs were coming up.  I mean it was tough.  Despite all of that, it still felt sooo good.  Running feels good because all of those endorphins are released.  If you’re not a runner, you gotta try it, it’s so invigorating.  After I ran, I took a 5 minute break, caught my breath, drank some water and then got on the elliptical machine.  I worked out for 15 GOOD minutes.  By the time I left the gym my shirt was soaked with sweat.  I felt good that I started out the New Year with a bang.  As my Pastor says, in 2010, we’re gonna win!    I hope you have a great and prosperous New Year!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Egg White omelet with spinach & Cheese, Whole Grain Eng Muffing w/ Jelly

L- Turkey Roast I made w/ veggies and brown rice

D- Leftover lunch

S- Wheat Thins

S- DANG IT! Peach cobbler, I had to make some for 3 different people and ended up eating some myself. Oh well.  I can’t UN-eat so I just write it down and move on. 



  1. THANK YOU, Carli, for taking the time to create your podcasts. I have started Couch to 5k more times than I’d like to admit, never making it past week 5. I stumbled across your website tonight — your song choices are much more my style and I hope it’s just the thing I need to motivate me to finish the program! Congrats on all your accomplishments. You’re very inspirational and have a great attitude!

    • Thanks Erica! If you keep trying, then you’ll succeed, just don’t give up. Tell yourself positive things. I’ve got post it notes all over my desk at work, with positive quotes, like “If it was easy, everybody would do it.” Accept that it takes a LOT of hard work, keep on moving.

  2. Hi Carli:

    I have recruited two more friends to do your Couch to 5K podcasts. LOL! :o) I hope to be able to make a donation to you sometime next month.


    • Janiece, That’s great! I can’t wait to see all of you on my Wall of Fame. People probably think I sit at home and get rich off donations, but trust me, I’ve got about $50 bucks, LOL! Thanks so much for spreading the word.

  3. Carli-

    Thank you so much for your podcasts. It finally made W1D1 easier than before. You have great taste in music. Beyonce and Rihanna are great running partners. 😉 I look forward to hearing the rest of your podcasts as I progress in C25K. I love reading your blog too. Keep up the good work!!


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