Hey Everybody! I’m BACK!!!  Yesterday I wrote my sad little post about how upset I was that my blog got hacked, but I maintained that there would be life after death, and that I wouldn’t give up.  And guess what???   The same night I got an email from an awesome guy named Donald in Texas.  *virtual hug*  God bless him, he told me how to de-hack my blog.  Since I’m really not as technically savvy as I would like to think, I kept reading his email over and over and it took me about an hour to really figure out and find what he was talking about.  Then finally I discovered the “java script” that was attacking my blog.    I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks.  And in about 5 seconds, I was able to click and delete, and everything was back to normal.  I”m so super excited.  I really missed blogging and I was so sad every time I got a “what’s wrong with your website?” email.  There were friends and family who asked “what’s wrong?” that I didn’t even know read my blog.  Having my blog back has really given me a burst of inspiration and I really needed it.  I was feeling so stuck. I won’t even give you the gory details on how I’ve only worked out once a week for the past few weeks, missed weight watcher meetings, and how my pants are tight from eating too much “devil food.” Fortunately, I gave away all of my fat girl clothes, so I have no choice but to get it together! I’m back, get ready for the great return!  P.S. On a funny completely unrealted note, I went to the allergy doctor and they ran some tests.  My biggest allergic reaction was to “dog.”   The lady asked in her nicest voice “is there any chance of the dog finding a new home?”  I really almost laughed in face for asking me to get rid of my baby! Nyah has lived with me for 6 years since she was 2 months old.  I just smiled and said “No, that’s not negoatiable.”  I’ll wash my sheets everyday and keep all the windows closed before I do that!

  1. I’m so glad your blog is back to normal. I was getting kind of frustrated because I’d see you post something new and then I couldn’t read it! I was/am really needed the inspiration your stories bring me.

    I’m sorry about your allergies but am glad that you are not rehoming your dog. I have a dog and a cat and even if I was found to be allergic to them, I couldn’t bear to give them up.

    Keep writing and welcome back!

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