This has nothing to do with running or eating healthy. Just a post to vent…..So my little sister came over and spent the night. She always does, what 15 year old doesn’t want to leave her parents house every chance she gets? This is not the problem. When I was out running errands, my 6 year old cousin came over. When I saw her wet hands and asked where the water came from, she replied “I don’t know.” Later, I saw Nyah’s food in her water bowl….ok no big deal…kids are kids. Then I saw marker drawings on folders in my office. ummm a little irritated…..then I saw very important information erased from my dry erase board…hmmmm okay she’s six, I won’t be mean, I just took the marker away. Then I sat down at my laptop to check my email. Is this sugar that I feel on my fingertips as I type? No that’s impossible I rationalized, until I looked over and saw the kool-aid straw candy….inhale exhale. I think I was very nice about it, I said Little sister, little cousin put on your shoes, its time to go home. I dropped them off and Me and Nyah are about to relax and watch a movie 🙂

  1. hehehe…i have to say that that was a very calm and rational way of kicking a 6yr old out of your house….lol
    Im not so sure I would’ve been as diplomatic!!! lol
    Just wanted to say great page, a few ppl have positive comments about your podcasts, so i thought i would check it out.
    BTW I live in melbourne australia and you are a GREAT inspiration to us all in completing the couch to 5K program!!! Thanks for the motivational tips!!!
    From the land down under…

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