My body, wasn’t sore today, so maybe it is good that I took the day off and went on my shopping adventure.  I love walking in the park, but it was so gross and raining outside that me and the little sis were forced to go to the gym.  I’m already praying now for good weather on race day.  Anyway, I was supposed to walk 7 miles today.  The thought of walking around the indoor track 133 times was less than exciting.  I decided to do the treadmill instead.  I watched Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End on the treadmill TV, but it was still boring.  When you get used to walking outside, and actually seeing how far you’ve really gone, it’s hard to adjust to walking in place.  I walked about 5.25 miles.  I could’ve done more, but I was just sick of being there.  I felt like a hamster on a wheel.  My little sister said, “I’ve worked out on every machine in here can we please leave?”  I was ready to go too, so we did.  I recently downloaded Joel Osteen’s latest audio book . Living in Favor, Abundance and Joy I think I might try walking with that and see how that goes. I’m so used to a quick workout, I’ve got to find new ways to get through longer distance programs as I prepare for my half marathon. I think next time, I might do half on the track and then the other half on the treadmill to break up the monotony. You guys and gals who do longer runs and walks…How do you stay motivated?

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  1. I have some friends who do something similar to get through boring treadmill runs. They get books on tape or download books that are mystery books. They ONLY listen to them when they are on the treadmill or elliptical. One even said she’s not a mystery fan at all, but once you get to the exciting part, you find yourself actually staying on longer to find out who did it! Maybe something like this could help. =D

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