Today when I got off work I was feeling so tired and lazy, and it just so happened that my Little sister text me and said “Hey let’s go work out.”  I was excited to have my old workout buddy back.  She was so busy with school and afterschool activities, I felt like we hadn’t worked out together in forever.  We decided to jog in the park.  It was hot, but it wasn’t devil’s kitchen hot like it was the other day.  I put on Week 2 (again) and asked her to run the intervals with me.  It was hard!  I’ve been doing the program indoors because of the extreme weather, and going back to “real” training outdoors was pretty tough.  By the time I got the 4th running interval I couldn’t even finish the whole 90 second run.  I walked through the 5th one and ran the 6th one.  I felt like a loser, so I re-wind my podcast and repeated 2 of the intervals to make up for it.  Overall, we finished 3 miles and I did all of the intervals.  My legs were burning  and I was breathing heavy;  I felt anything but in shape.  My sister said “what is wrong with you? why are you not in shape like you’re supposed to be?”  I told her, I know I’m not where I should be.  It’s so frustrating when I know that I’ve run a 5K, and now I can’t even run 90 second intervals.  But, I know that it takes hard work and regular training to stay where I want to be.  I know if I work hard, I’ll be back where I want to be.

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