This morning my Shopping Cousin called as asked me to go workout out with her tonight.  I really didn’t feel like it because I’m sick again.  I can’t believe it;  I just got over a dual ear infection and sinus infection.  The doctor said if I have these sinus issues again that I should go see the Ear Nose and Throat specialist.  I was only feeling 100% healthy for about 3 days, before my troubles started all over again.  It sounds like I’m holding my nose when I talk.  But, anyway, I agreed to go with my cousin because I know how important it is to have a workout buddy when you need one.   We agreed to go to the gym at 6 tonight after work.  My cousin is late for everything y’all.  We didn’t make it to the gym until after 7:30.  She told me she wanted to punk out and not go, but, she didn’t want me to write about her!  I got a good laugh out of that, because that’s certainly what I would have done, especially since it was her idea in the first place.  Unfortunately, I did have to harass her about the cute non-athletic shoes she was wearing.  Just like a true shop-aholic,  she told me they were some fancy name brand, like that made it okay.  It was not okay, real tennis shoes have shoestrings!  Anyway, I told her she better be ready for a real workout after making me wait on her.  We went upstairs to the indoor track at the gym and I did a new runner routine with her.  We power walked 4 laps and ran 2 laps and repeated.  We finished a whole mile.  She’s skinny and had pretty good running speed.  She’s actually living proof that changing your eating habits works.   She lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for almost 20 years!  After running the track we went down to the machine room and got on the elliptical machine.  I let her listen to my podcast  and she really liked it.  She “ran” on the elliptical during the running intervals of Week 1.   After the elliptical, she thought surely we were finished.  “Oh, no” I told her.  “You wanted your trainer/cousin Carli to give you a good workout, and that’s what I’m gonna do!”  We got on the bouncy medicine balls and did leg exercises, sit-ups and even push-ups.  We did a few cool down stretches and I figured that was enough.   We had a great workout, and it was good to see that the two of us could do something together other than go shopping.

  1. Very inspirational to know the two of you could do something together that you probably wouldn’t have done alone that day. I found your podcasts for c25k yesterday, and I think I will love them! I’m starting week 2 tomorrow and I feel pretty good. My knees are a little throbby in the evenings that I run, but during my day off they seem to feel better. I just keep telling myself that if I can get 20-30 pounds GONE, then my knees will thank me for not having so much fat to lug around.

    Anyway, thanks for the podcasts, and since I am a relatively new blogger too, I am always happy to find another blog to follow. Having trouble with your RSS feeds, though.

    I had double ear infections and sinus infections this past year, but I teach first grade, so that’s probably to be expected. Dirty kids!

    Feel better soon!

  2. hey, hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

  3. Leslie, thanks for commenting, I still consider myself a newbie, RIS is just over a year old, and I was totally clueless and didn’t really even know what RSS was. I may not have it set up right, thanks for letting me know. I’ll definitely look into it.

  4. Thanks, Helen, I had a CAT scan of my sinuses, and everything came back normal (thank GOD)! I don’t have to have surgery, it’s just really bad allergies. And, I’m feeling much better.

  5. Hey Carli!
    Wanted to share that I had similar issues with cold like illnesses up until last year when my doctor recommended I begin taking a regular allergy pill. I chose an over the counter one (loratadine) and I have only been sick one time in a year and a half since I started taking them (and i have a little girl so I get all the germs from school). Between that and a prescription nasal spray for when things really start blooming it has made all the difference!

    Just thought I would mention it just in case it might help you.

    take care!

  6. Clara, that’s exactly what they recommended. I have to take zyrtec pill daily, in addition to a nasal steroid spray. So far so good! Thanks for continuing to follow my blog.

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