Thank you guys so much for your support!  I think I must have been looking on the outside like I was feeling on the inside, because I’ve gotten so much support in the last couple days to bring me out of my funk.  Your emails and honest comments helped me realize that I am not alone in my battle against emotional eating.  My sister’s have helped me run errands and do stuff around the house that they would NEVER do.  My best friend brought a great Christian DVD called Facing the Giants.  It was a heartfelt reminder that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but power.  And that nothing is impossible with God on our side….

Yesterday, I missed my first team training session.  We were supposed to walk 5  miles around Creve Coeur Lake.  But, it was freezing cold and raining.  I think with all of the stress I’ve been under and allergies, I’ve come down with a cold.  I figured being out in the cold rain, would only make matters worse.  It frustrates me because I’m not a sickly person.  I usually get one cold in the summer and one in the winter, that’s it.  But I’ve had constant sinus problems all year!  Y’all are probably sick of hearing me say I’m sick….  My Mama brought me some orange juice and cough syrup, and told me to sit still and let my body recuperate.  I took the day off and just watched TV (Facing the Giants, It’s Complicated (again), The Disappearance of Alice Creedand a play called Friends & Lovers, and Tivo’d episodes of Oprah and Joel Osteen), no internet, no work, no blog, no gym, just doing nothing.  I don’t discrminiate when it comes to  movies, I’ll watch a Jesus movie, a story about life after divorce, a foreign suspense thriller, and an African-American fiction book turned play.  It was  a good mental health day.  When I woke up this morning I was quite surprised to see snow.  It wasn’t a lot, only about 2 inches, just enough to cover Nyah’s paws.  I snapped a quick picture of her outside. 

 I know it’s kinda gross to have a picture of her “going potty” but it’s snowing and the wind is blowing at 24 miles an hour and she ran back in before I could get another pic.  But you still get to see the snow….Anyway,  I’m going to try do the 5 miles tomorrow at the gym after work, and give myself today to get better.   Plus, I have a law firm work assignment to do today.  I asked the partner if I could start on a project this weekend that I didn’t have time to work on during the week, and he said I needed to finish it this weekend.  It’s essentially just merging excel spreadsheets and creating a report, but it’s really time consuming and I thought I had about 10 more days instead of 10 more hours to finish it….  Well I’m sipping on some hot Organic Om Tea (delicious & soothing), with the Christmas satellite radio channel playing in the background to set a relaxing stress free ambiance.

  1. It is frustrating when you don’t feel well. I am not sure how long ago you started running, but I always try to remember that running (all exercise, really) decreases your immunity, so be sure to take extra good care of yourself before and after your runs, with lots of vitamin C, water, and fruits and veggies. Easier said than done, for me, at least, but I really think it makes a difference, especially when becoming a runner. Feel better soon!!

  2. I had forgotten to take a vitamin C today, thanks for the reminder, and I’m still drinking the tea with honey.

  3. Hi Carli,

    I have no idea how I found your website but I’m glad I did. I am praying that you get better soon. I am totally going to start my blog and post about my weight loss experience. I had numerous blogs before but not feeling really inspired by them. Get better soon 🙂

    Twitter: @YoungJBrooks

  4. absolutely, Carli…lots of Vitamin C to ward off colds! and stop being so hard on yourself…I bet you don’t have a single person following your trials and tribulations who hasn’t done the exact same thing! I had my 53rd birthday on the 7th , and between working 2 jobs, celebrating my birthday with the man who finally missed me, and babysitting my 2 year old grandson — I realized I’d only run on Saturday! I’m hovering at the 50-55 pound loss mark… And now it’s winter and dark and cold and I have to use the treadmill in the basement (I LOATHE the treadmill) We will make it through this, Carli…we WILL!!!! Hurry up, Spring!!!!

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