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Winter Vacation in L.A. California

Kickin’ It with the Stars in Hollywood!

  1. Hi Carli! It’s me, Little Miss Commenter! I am so glad you went and finished! I live in Texas where the steepest incline I walk is on the treadmill! I was in Hollywood visiting when as I walked out of the hotel gym, a woman told me about Runyon Canyon. I didn’t know what to expect either but when I got there, I wanted to find that woman and tell her she was crazy! But when I finally made it to the top, it was such a gorgeous view that I couldn’t be anything but thrilled that I got to experience it. I want to go back just to walk it again! Good luck with everything you’re doing. And I love your podcasts. I’m doing week 1 (again) but plan to move on soon. Thanks!

  2. great pics, Miss Carli!

  3. Looks like a great time!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. ahhh Heather…LOL! I was a little mad at you at first, but I forgave you once I made it to the amazing view at the top. It was so beautiful. If I lived there I would “walk” it on a regular basis. Hope your training is going well. I did week 3 again and again, until I got it right. Just finished up 7 miles today! Whoo -hoo.

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