Unfortunately, I missed TNT group training yesterday morning due to circumstances beyond my control. However, after church today, I went to the Park with the hope of completing 9 miles.  I was so excited that today’s temperature was well into the 50s. Finally, some of the snow and ice would begin to melt.  I took Nyah with me.  But, I forgot how poorly she behaves in public around other dogs.  And today, it seemed that everyone brought their dog to the park.  At home she is the sweetest dog… “Bring me your toy Nyah, sit Nyah, come here Nyah.” Friends and family that visit me actually tell me she’s one of the best behaved dogs that they’ve seen. However, when she gets around other dogs, she morphs into an uncontrollable 65 pound beast. She barks and charges at other dogs both big and small.  All of the other walkers and runners look at me like why can’t you control your dog? I want to tell them “really you should see her at home she’s nothing like this, I swear!”


Trying to control her became unbearable/embarrassing, and my back was hurting from pulling her around and trying to dodge a million melted snow puddles.  Me and my soggy socks and muddy shoes were only able to finish about 3 miles. I felt a little disappointed, especially since I missed group training.  I told my Big Little sister, who reminded me that some miles was better than no miles.  And, I’ve got a whole week to make it up…Well, that’s about it. I’m about to plan out my menu for tomorrow’s Meatless Monday. Last week, I was completely unprepared and I ended up eating bowls of cereal and Doritos.  Hopefully I can make this Monday a lot healthier.

  1. I feel you on the misbehaving dog. I’ve got a 110 lb. lab/rott mix who is the sweetest thing at home and has no issues with the neighbor dogs, but I can’t take him into public because he attempts to eat any other dog that comes near him.

    This weekend was GORGEOUS! I’m glad you at least got to enjoy a little bit of it. I did about 5.5 miles on Grant’s Trail. Have you ever walked it? It starts in Kirkwood and goes past Grant’s Farm into South County. It’s 8 miles long in all… almost perfect for your training regimen (or you could just start and double back whenever you reach your halfway point so you don’t need to worry about getting picked up at the other end). If your sisters aren’t available ever, e-mail me and we can be walking buddies.

  2. My dog acts the same way in public. What I have started doing is whenever I see another dog, I make her sit and not move until I tell her too. If she starts barking or jumping, she gets a very stern No. I just started it but it seems to be working. I know it is not the best approach when you are trying to get your miles in but I’m hoping that it helps. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!

  3. So glad to see i’m not the only one with a Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde mix-breed! Sadly, I have to map out my walk prior to leaving just to avoid the most populated trails. And she’s had training…really! If only a stern No would work on my Sofie….

    And congrats on the 3 miles with Little Miss-behaving! I finally hit a 15 minute mile after some struggling. Luckily my husband was at my side encouraging me. Now my goal is to actually keep that pace in my 5k next month!

  4. Yep, I have that problem too. Gracie is a pitbull/lab mix. At home its all lab, leave the house and all pitbull. But she is starting to get better. Now the biggest problem is people on bikes. She really hates them. We are slowly working on each. You will get there! Keep up the great work!! I have my 4th 1/2 comming up this weekend on the 20th. I’ll get through my, keep pushing for your!!!!
    Luv ya girl!!

  5. Julie, 110 lbs?! I can’t imagine, that’s twice the size of my furbaby, wow! I’ve never done Grants trail. I’ll put that on my “to do” list. I should explore more trails in St. Louis. I might just take you up on your offer,,,don’t be surprised if I email you when the weather breaks.

  6. Oh Jessica, I wish that worked, she won’t even sit during a walk! It’s so beyond control. My arms were litterally sore the next day from trying to restrain her. And you’re right it’s so frustrating to stop when you’re training and trying to keep up your pace. But, I remember from when she was a puppy that it’s actually ME who needs the training, so I know what to teach her.

  7. DD is that what it is?! Is it because she’s a mixed-breed? I have no idea what kind of dog Nyah is. I got her from the Humane Society as a present to myself Christmas 7 years ago. And she was a very active/aggressive puppy. I used to tell her all the time, “little girl, I saved your life, you better behave!” LOL! So, I took her to puppy training classes for a couple months, I guess that’s where she got the good home training….I picked up a leash walking pamphlet at the pet store today…I think I’m going to really focus on her public manners this summer. Congrats on the 15 min mile, good luck!

  8. Tam, you’ve got a mixed up fur baby too? LOL! I know it’s going to take a lot of work on my part. Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? I guess I’ll find out soon enough…. You’re doing your 4th 1/2 Marathon, that’s AMAZING! You inspire me!!! 🙂

  9. Carli, my dog is a beagle so she isn’t very vicious in nature, but she is still pretty defensive of me. What kind of collar/leash do you use? I had a hard time controlling Dixie until I got a Gentle Lead collar/harness. It has a small strap that goes across the nose, and the leash clips below the chin – so when I want her to go a certain way, I just tug it and she has no choice but to do what I say. Now she is only 24 pounds so a little easier for me to manipulate…but that collar made all the difference. Thought I would mention it. 🙂

  10. For all the running dog lovers out there …. I use a waist belt I can clip my dog’s line to. Much easier on the arms, wrists and shoulders.

    Should you have time and feel like you would spend some of this time training your dog look into the Dog Listener training method. Works mirracles for my dog! More info on: http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com/

    Mind you: that’s the Dog Listener!!! Not the Dog Whisperer, I know he is big over there with you guys.

  11. Clara, I’ve seen that on other people’s dogs in the park, I might try one, because, I couldn’t imagine putting a choke collar on my furbaby. I did buy a training leash the other day, and when the weather breaks I’m going to put some real efforts into getting her a tame walk.

  12. Dutchie, welcome! I just responded to your other comment. The Dog Listener, I’ve never heard of her/him. I’ll check out the link, I looks like it’s in English. Thanks for stopping by!

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