Where you at? Well, my 5th grade English teacher would “I’m after that sentence that you just ended with a preposition.”  Good thing she ain’t here,  so I can use my bad grammar and say again “Where You At?”  That’s probably the question that my frequent blog visitors are asking, Carli where you at?…  I’m here, I’m alive.  I’ve been swamped doing a financial overhaul of my life. I have papers everywhere.  I could give you all of gory details, but I feel like I’m finally getting to a better place.  I’ve removed credit cards from my purse and set up a stricter budget plan.  I usually go out to eat a lot, because I like it and it’s usually quick and easy.  Sometimes it’s hard to come home and cook a whole meal just for me.  And people say, well eat left-overs.  I’ve never been a big fan of leftovers. I like to eat new things. Anyway, this past week I did a really good job of coming home cooking and taking dinner for lunch. Although I do still have a half of a pot of chili and a half of a Crockpot beef stew left.  I think I’ll freeze it.  I went to the grocery store this evening and bought a bunch of frozen meals.  Those should be good for the days that I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to cook.  Frozen meals have come a long way from chicken-like nuggets and weird mashed potatoes. I was able to get Panini sandwiches, barbecue chicken pizza and frozen veggies with sauce.
Anyway, I’m sad to admit that I missed group training again this past weekend. I was preparing for a meeting with my accountant. I have some investments that went down when the economy went down so I’m trying to get things back on the right track. Now that I’m about 75% done getting my finances in order I felt like this week will be more normal.   I’m about only six weeks from my half marathon.  The time is getting closer and closer, I’m excited! I hope this weekend that I can get in 10 or 11 miles.   The strange part is I think that I can do it.

  1. I totally get you on eating out. Consider My Fit Foods as a healthy option to frozen foods. You can pick up lunches and dinners and store them in your freezer.

  2. “I hope this weekend that I can get in 10 or 11 miles. The strange part is I think that I can do it.” per Carli. Well duh, yea, you can do it. LOL This will be a snap for you. You have been training hard most all the time. Just keep up the great thoughts and you can do it!!!! Hope all of your other issues work out for the best. As one of my friends would say, ” keep it fresh and loose”

  3. I hear you about coming home after a long day and cooking dinner. I also hear you about the finances. Two things I have discovered that I love to pass on to people are: Dave Ramsey (finances) daeramsey.com and planning for meals. When I don’t plan at least a week in advance on what I am going to have for dinner, I end up spending way more than I needed to and eating food that was definitely not healthy for me. As I now have a budget that only gives me so much cash each week for food, the plan sure comes in handy.

  4. Tex- My Fit Foods is only in Texas, but it looks great!

  5. Tam, you were so right, I did do it. It wasn’t a “snap” perse LOL! But I did indeed finish 10 miles. I think about you all the time, I say, Tam is a juicy lady, and she finished a half marathon, and so can I!

  6. Kim, I’ve been doing much better, bringing my lunch and eating dinner at home. Iv’e started the debt snowball plan that I saw on Dave Ramsey’s site and Rich Dad’s plan. I own my home and my car is paid off, so I’m good in that respect, its just managing the rest of it.

  7. I live on my own, am in school and can only work part time as my commute is 2.5-3hrs per day so i know exactly what you mean about not wanting to cook for 1 and also about tight finances!!
    i spend all day sunday cooking my meals for the week and freezing them in single portions….that way you save a fortune AND control portion sizes 🙂 works for me and a number of my classmates who i gave the advice to!

  8. Deirdre, how can you commute that far, OMG! I would go crazy, I had an hour commute and just about lost it. Sitting in traffic everyday made me nuts. That’s a good idea to frezze the stuff especially for portion control. I feel ya!

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