Hey Y’all! I was so excited to weigh in this evening. Thursday is my official meeting and weigh in day. I’m making a commitment to do the best I can to go to a meeting at least once a week. I had a really good week. I tracked EVERYthing that I ate EVERYday. And the cool part was that I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t feel guilty. Now wait a minute, I didn’t say how much I wanted, I said “whatever” I wanted. I ate a soul food Sunday dinner with my family. When I wanted a piece of cookie cake in the office kitchen I ate a tiny sliver, just enough not to feel deprived but enough to enjoy. I counted my points and kept moving. I had some delicious dinners at home, like a turkey burger (made with those fantastic seasonings I got from the market) with a side of frozen steamer bagged veggies, and Crystal Light Pink Lemonade.

I’m telling you, it feels different this time. It doesn’t feel so “forced.” I’m making peace with the fact that tracking my food will probably be a part of my life forever and that I will probably need the support of a program to help me maintain a healthy weight. It’s not ideal, but it’s the truth, and I’m gradually learning to accept it.

By the end of the week I used all of my “bonus points” I forget what WW’s calls them, basically they are “ I went over my daily points target, but that’s okay points.” I did not however use my earned Activity Points from working out, which can actually be swapped for food points.
So……. I got on the WW scale and I lost 5 pounds!!!! I was so happy because that was my secret goal loss that I wanted to hit and I got it exactly. I really like my Leader Ricarda, she is so energetic and passionate about weight loss without being fake or annoying. This meeting is really large, like maybe 40 people. It’s so cool to know we’re all in it together. She asked me to tell the group what led to my success for my first week. I told her that I remembered in the initial training session, she said that treating yourself was an important part of the program. And everybody (including Ricarda) asked “the what? Training session? What are you talking about?” I explained that I was referring to the mini-meeting after Week 1 when you meet with the leader. Everyone laughed that I called it a “training session.” Ricarda, playfully mocked me, and said “I remember the indoctrination for the program that you hosted” with a fake pompous accent. We all laughed…It’s ironic because I always laugh at my Dad for being perpetually formal, like when I walk in his house, he say’s “Hello Daughter” and shakes my hand like I’m there for a job interview or something. And now here I am calling the Weight Watchers meeting a “training session.” LOL! Anyway it was great, there were several people who lost 5 pounds this week. And guess what the theme was for this week? She had written on the board a quote from The Beatles song, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” It was all about acknowledging that you can’t do it alone and the team of people that you need to be successful. If she only knew that’s what I’ve been teaching myself all week. As Oprah would call it, I had a “full circle” moment, and realized I might be on to something. It might have taken me years, but finally finally finally, I think I’m catching on!

P.S. By the way my Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) is next Sunday April 10th. I really hope it doesn’t rain. Say a prayer, send good vibes, I don’t care if you dance to the rain gods, just help me make sure I don’t have to walk 13 miles in the rain!

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for your 1/2 Marathon. My first 5K is this Sunday and we had snow today!

  2. A big high five from Sacramento by way of Houston! Awesome job and keep up the great work. I think calling it a training session is the right terminology. Most of us aren’t born knowing what’s healthy and what’s not. Eating right takes training – duh!

    I will do my rain dance to keep the skies sunny your way next weekend.

  3. Completed a 10K last Saturday and it felt good. I love reading your entries and the motivation you give me. Good luck next week.

  4. You are so inspiring—truly! I am 52 years old and have just now started training to do my first 5 K in June with my younger sister. I never had the self confidence to do this when I was younger–how I wish now that I had. Oh well better late than never I guess 🙂 Best of luck on Sunday!

  5. Sharon, I’m so glad you made it to the Wall of Fame! It was nice to follow you through your journey to the finish line. Thanks for donating to LLS for my half marathon.

  6. @ Tex, I think you gotta dance a little faster. LOL! It’s supposed to rain on Sunday. I bought a poncho last night just in case. It’s so funny, because as I was buying it, I laughed to myself and said Tex/Queen doesn’t have any rhythm and she’s the one doing the rain dance!!! LOL!

  7. Hey Angela, that’s great! It’s odd that I’m completing a half-marathon before I do a 10K. However, I one day hope to run a 10K insteading of walking.

  8. Andrea, of course it’s better late than never. I’ve had many readers/runners in their 50’s to complete the program with my podcast. You can do it!!

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