Apparently, a week or two before your big endurance race event, you are supposed to “taper down” to allow your muscles time to heal.  During the taper down time, the training schedule is lighter than usual.  This weekend was my final group training session.  Some of our honored teammates (with leukemia) were there to support us and remind us of the great LLS Team cause.  We walked 6 miles around Creve Coure Lake.  I met a lady that walks about the same pace as I do, so at least I won’t be all alone on my 4 hour 13.1 Mile stroll through Saint Louis.  I am pleased to say that I’ve still been keeping track my Weight Watchers points every day.  I hope that it soon becomes a habit; however, I’m just happy that after the initial excitement wore off that I didn’t fall back into old habits.  I’m scheduled to walk 2 miles tonight, 3 miles on Wednesday, cross train on Thursday and a final 2 miles on Saturday.  Race day is Sunday….It’s so funny, because I look at the calendar like 2 miles? Really, is that all? I’ve come a long way baby!

  1. 5 days to go!!!! I know you can do it! I have a 5k that morning so I will be right there with you.(yes you are going a little farther than me), but I’ll be there in spirit. I pray that your first one is weather friendly. My 3rd was in rain. Turn up the music, keep an eye on things around you, drink plenty of water, but most of all, keep on going!!! Break it down into 5k’s, you know you can do them. But when you hit that 10 mile mark, hey you only have a 5k to go, think I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!! Next thing you know, hey there’s the finish line!! Jog it in, finish strong!
    Luv ya girl! Best of luck(but you don’t need it) lol

  2. Hi! I started Couch 2 5K today using your podcast. I started writing a blog too- thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Thanks Tam! I know you will be there with me. I looks like it might rain, but you never know in STL. One day it was a record high of 90, followed by a day of being bundled up in my winter coat. I’m glad you commented, I forgot to make my playlist and worked on it last night. Whoot Whoot, representing for the active for big girls! LOL

  4. Hey Jessica that’s great, I ‘ll stop by and check it out.

  5. You’ve got this Carli! After all your diligent training, 13.1 miles is going to be entirely within your grasp. I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday and excitedly awaiting an update saying how much you dominated it.

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