Typically, in my life to avoid stress, confusion and forgetting things I make a list.  I have sticky notes with lists everywhere, on my desk, in my purse, in my car, on the hall table, in the kitchen, on my phone.  I always make lists.  My maintenance guy is so used to me giving him a written list, that he is confused when I don’t.  Anyway, in an effort to soothe my rambling anxious mind, I made up my Pre Race Day List.  Here it goes: 

  • Decorate Team in Training shirt with Mom (she’s crafty, I didn’t even know what puffy paint was)
  • Final 2 mile training session
  • Trial run with new race day shorts since the temperature increased by FOURTY (40) degrees!
  • Add Race day playlist to iPod, really just a bunch of Beyoncé and Michael Jackson with a little Hip Hop and Gospel too. 
  • Continue to pray for no rain (the forecast is looking good!)
  • Study the race course map
  • Charge camcorder
  • Night Before, set out Race Socks, Race Shoes, water bottle, protein bar, Pin Race number Bib to shirt (with lucky gold safety pins from my 1st race), sports bra, comfy undies, iPod, Body Glide (Prevents chafing), Sexy Specs (cute sunglasses), cell phone, rain poncho, Team 413 temporary tattoo, Chapstick (not sure why I need it, but it’s on everybody’s list), Blood Pressure Med, vitamin, allergy nasal spray    
  • Set both alarms, God forbid my nightmare comes true
  • Coordinate with family/friends for designated mile marker cheerleader spots  
  • Inspiration Dinner with Team in Training
  • Check weather
  • Have fun!

  1. Best of luck!!!! Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way (-:

  2. How did it go???

  3. Thank you so much for these podcasts! Yours are the best I have found on the web! And the addition of rock playlists as well as a Bridge to 10 K (which I have been waiting for someone to do!) is so so great! You are helping to make running much more pleasant and achievable for people all over the world!

    I wish you all the best in your Fit to Fierce Journey!


  4. I’m so proud of you Carli-Car! Great job!

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