I’ve learned some important things from my Half-Marathon experience.  Here they are:
1)     Pray for “great weather” not “no rain” or you might get a humid 90 degrees

2)     The chap stick is needed after hours of walking and the dehydration and wind lead to dry lips

3)     Pick a finish line camera man with a working cell phone to call when you get close

4)     Don’t just soak your feet in the ice bath, suck it up and soak your whole body like the pros recommend. 

5)     When the coach says take a little salt packet to avoid Hyponatremia, do it to replenish the salt that has sweated from your body.

6)     Walking backwards upstairs looks weird but doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as climbing them head on the day after the race.    

7)     Take off work the day after the race

I didn’t take off work on Monday, because I wanted to save my vacation time.  This spring and summer, I’m going to the Mayan Rivera in Mexico, Gatlinburg, Tennessee for my lawyer friend’s birthday, Mississippi for the family reunion and Las Vegas for my BIG Birthday Party.  I just kept a pair of flip-flop sandals at my desk, and everyone knew why I was limping around the office.   It’s so weird not having “training” on my to-do list.  After a few days, my body is almost back to normal.  I can wear regular shoes, and the only thing that still hurts is my hamstring muscles on the back of my thighs.  It’s nice to have a free evening. 
My Big Little Sister, my cousin and I went to play bingo at a Church in Illinois.  None of us had ever gone and wanted to try it for fun.  It was super cheap; we got a whole pack of 20 games for $9.00.  In the beginning we were so lost with the different games like, Nine Pack and Eight States.  The caller goes so fast, I don’t know how those old ladies keep up.  I wanted to the win the Coverall game, where you cover your whole board and win $500.  $500 Dollars!  None of us won a dime at the end of the night, but it was good fun.  You can’t even go to the movie theater for $9.00 anymore.  Anyway, people are asking me what’s next.  I had big dreams of doing a full marathon (26 Miles) while I’m 30 years old at the Rock and Roll Marathon in October.  But realistically, I need to lose some more weight, and will probably aim to do my first marathon in April 2012, because I’ll still be 30 and hopefully at a healthier weight.

  1. Keep training, lady, and you will reach that healthier weight AND be ready for the Marathon. Have I ever told you that you’re my hero? Way to live, really live, Carli. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. ps…you are one of the people that inspire me on my facebook page. 🙂

  3. Hey Carli, I’m trying to send you an e-mail for the Wall of Fame but I can’t get it work. What’s the best e-mail address? Congrats again on the 1/2

  4. Thanks Jenn, that’s my goal live life till the wheels fall off! LOL

  5. Hey Regina, I got your email and your pic is up on the Wall of Fame! Congrats!

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