Hey Everybody!  It completely amazes where all of my Running into Shape visitors come from.  It’s time for a roll call.  Leave a comment letting me know what city, state or Country you live in.  Tell me do you like my blog or my podcasts? How far are you in your fitness journey? Have you run a 5K or marathon?

  1. Hello from Nashville, TN. I found you blog via Roni Noone. I think she mentioned your site once. Then I was intrigued by your take on the Couch to 5K podcasts. Love your choice in music! Now, I just like to read how your fitness journey is going. I am currently down 40 pounds and will soon be training for the 60 miles in 3 days walk for Breast Cancer (www.the3day.org) in Atlanta. Thanks for your posts!

  2. Hello from Lansing, MI (near enough). I found you when searching for C25K podcasts that weren’t iTunes-dependent, so I could play them on my Sansa. I’ve really enjoyed yours. I’ve been running since the first of the year, but since my mother was in the hospital so much with leukemia I kept having to start over. I’m now in Week 7, and I’ve signed up for my first 5K run May 14th. Keep up the good work!

  3. I just *found* you! Someone on Sparkpeople posted a link to your podcasts. I just finished W1 D1. I feel empowered! Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to reading more of your posts and doing more of your C25K podcasts!

  4. Howdy from Sacramento via Houston (ahhh, how I miss Houston – thought I’d never say that). Found you searching for C25K podcasts and now I’m totally hooked on your blog. I’m trying hard to not regain the 40lbs I lost 2-3 years ago (so far 7 lbs have crept back on) and am trying to lose these, what was 15 now 18 next lbs.

    Keep up the awesome job!

  5. I’m from Des Moines, Iowa. I found your podcasts searching for Couch to 5k stuff. I’m on week 5 now and I’m absolutely loving the program and loving the podcasts! I’m hoping to get my first 5k schedule for sometime in the next few months!

  6. Hi Carli! I’m in Austin, TX and found you looking for c25k podcasts. I’ve started and quit the program several times, but looking forward to your podcasts is the reason I look forward to starting again. Thanks for all you do!

  7. I’m from Galway, in Ireland. I found your podcast when I was searching for c25k podcasts that were a bit different. On week 7 now and am loving your blog and the podcasts!

  8. I’m from St. Louis, MO baby!! I have just found your blog and I’m loving it. I am in ok shape, and have recently started running. I would like to try a 5k soon. I find you very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. Hi – I’m posting this from Doha, Qatar! Guessing that this will be your farthest one… I found the link to your site just today, on a thread on weightwatchers.com. There are a group of us living here who are doing weight watchers together, and a few of us, who did C25K last year, are training together for a 10K. Looking forward making my way around your site – from the little I’ve seen it looks like GREAT inspiration!

  10. Hello from Ireland! I downloaded you podcast and have just started the c25K programme…tomorrow w1d2!!

  11. Hello from Tallahassee, FL. A friend told me about your website and podcasts. I love your choice of music and you are so encouraging to me. I have never been a runner and sometimes don’t think I will make it through, but your sweet voice helps me finish. I am looking forward to running my first 5K. Hopefully I will be ready by our Turkey Trot in November since I am just starting Week 3. 🙂

  12. Hello from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada! Downloaded your podcasts last night, and am starting on W1D1 tonight! Thanks for all the great running music!

  13. Hi! From Greenville, SC! L.O.V.E. the podcasts! Finished W1D1 today! After having 2 children in 2 years, and NEVER been active in my life, this program and your podcasts make me believe that I can DO THIS! Thank you so much! Looking forward to making my way around your site. Thanks again!

  14. Hi! I live on Whidbey Island in WA. I started doing the podcast last year after my daughter was born, but I stopped because after week 3-it was too much to get out of the house. I am back at it again this year, next up is week 5- I can’t wait! I am down 55 pounds, planning on blasting the last 10 off by running. I love your podcast-thank you!!

  15. Ronan, Montana here! I love your blog and podcast, have run multiple 5k’s, and am starting over…now on week three. I love running to your calm, encouraging voice and great, motivating music.

  16. Freeport, Illinois checking in! I found your podcast through a post on the Comfort Food Diet forum of Taste of Home magazine. I had tried another C25K program and just couldn’t stick with it. I love your music and your enthusiasm…it really carries me through those times when I just don’t think I can take another step! I’m planning my first 5K with my sister in Des Moines, Iowa in June. I see that Amy is from Des Moines…hope to see you there Amy!

  17. Hi! I’m from Atlanta, GA. I found your site while researching c25k programs. I did a c25k walking program a few years and really want to try running. I find your story so inspiration. Every once in a while, I’ll walk/jog on the treadmill. I’m working up the courage to start training soon.

    Thanks for providing all this information.

  18. Austin, TX. I do love your blog. I stalk it every chance I get. I’m run/walking my 1st ever 10K this Saturday (with your help of course!). Working on the idea of a half marathon with Team in Training in the near future. Just gotta get up the nerve to make it to that 1st meeting and make the commitment! And for the record, I even listen to your C25K podcast at my desk at work. That’s not obsessive is it?

  19. I’m from the Lou and I’m proud!

  20. Hey Carli, I’m from Birmingham, AL. I found your podcasts while doing a search on the web. I’ve enjoyed the great music. I’ll be walking my first half marathon this Saturday in Nashville. Next, I will start back doing Couch to 5K because I want to run more of my next half marathon in October. My goal is to be able to run the entire half marathon that I’m doing in December. You’re such an inspiration!! Thank You!!

  21. Hi there-

    I’m from Pittsburgh! I found your page while searching for a C25K podcast and am also a WW’er. I love your blog and am inspired by it! I did C25K for a bit and am now doing Chalean Extreme and TurboFire.

  22. I’m from the tiny town of Akron, IN. I too have started and stopped the C25K program. I’m on week 2 now but made it to week 5 last year. I found your podcasts by searching around on the internet. I hope to walk/run in a 5k each month for the rest of the year. I already know of one each month except for Dec. I finished a 5k for a local county’s 4-H program in 43:59 minutes on the 16th by listening to your Week 1 podcast (twice). Next 5k is May 14th. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to jog the entire 5k. Thanks for your AWESOME podcasts, blog and Facebook entries.

  23. Hi Carla, I’m from Jacksonville, FL and I love your blog.

  24. I’m from London in the UK. I found your podcasts by searching the internet for music to train for a 5K. I did a 5K about two years ago but didn’t train properly and ended up walking about half of it. I’ve entered a race on June 12th and am determined to run/jog the whole thing this time, with your help of course! I’ve just finished week 3 and I love the music and your encouragement. Reading your website and your updates is great and adds to my motivation so thank you!

  25. Hi there – I am from Roskilde in Denmark (Europe).
    A friend of mine introduced me to your 5K podcasts in september last year. I have NEVER run before, but now I run 5K every second morning. I love your running programme and your taste in music 🙂
    On May 8th I will be running my first official 5K race! Thank you 🙂

  26. Hi ya, I’m from Alva, Oklahoma. As previously mentioned someone posted your page on Sparkpeople.com for podcasts. Thanks again Carli they’ve made all the difference in my runs!!

  27. hi..welcome back!
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
    have done three 5 Ks (then hurt my foot but on the mend!)
    love, love your podcast and the blog… (but you know that!)
    (I think I found you via Couchto5K when the technogermanmeditation music didn’t do it for me… love the music…and your encouraging voice….”ready, go!”)

  28. Hi Carli
    I am from a small town on the shores of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. I am following Weight Watchers as well (for about the 3rd time in recent years) and wanted to step up my physical activity. One of my connections on the WW site recommended following the Couch 2 5K and then I found your pod casts. I just downloaded them tonight, and will start my training next Monday.
    Thank you for generously sharing them with us. I also downloaded the Rock versions. I’m a bit older and enjoy Classic Rock from the 60’s and 70’s, but I also enjoy my kids music so I think I’ll like both!

  29. Hi Carli! I’m from North Salt Lake UT! I heard about your website from a friend. I’ve never been a runner but a goal has always been to run a 5K-just needed to get motivated to DO IT. I decided to follow your 5K training program and I am Week 8. I finally understand what it feels like to get into the zone. I loved the training and the positive comments from you. Thanks for motivating me to continue the training each week. I actually ran for a full 36 minutes a few days ago, so now all I need to do is get signed up for a 5K. Your blogs are great so keep doing what you are doing! Thanks so much!!

  30. I live in Oakland, CA right now–a good place to be with all the sunshine :). I found your blog when I was investigating the Couch to 5K program, and I’m proud to say that I’m almost finished with it! I will be running my first 5k this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Hi Carli, I’m from Italy! popped into your blog while searching for an alternative to house-music for the C25K! have been running for 18 months now, done 2 5K and am training for my 10K in July “British 10K London run” !
    I went down 2 sizes just running, am in fairly good shape and ended up with killer legs, what more could a girl ask for??

  32. Hi Carli, I´m from ICELAND and I started your 5K program last autum and finished it around Christmas. It is not easy to run here in winter time but that is no excuse. I did my first timed 5K running in January and the time was 33 minutes which I am very happy with ;-), never done that kind of training before and hated running. I use this program whenever I feel like running, especially on vacation when I can´t go to the gym. Hopefully this summer I can train to run 10K.

  33. Hi from Bloomington, IL! I found your site doing a search for C25K podcasts. I am going to do my 1st day of the program tomorrow. Hopefully the weather cooperates! Love your choice of music. You are an inspiration to us all!

  34. Hi Carli! I’m currently living in Nashua, NH. I just finished Week 6 of your podcast (like about 20 minutes ago…) I’m running my first 5k June 9th. I’m very, very nervous, but I asked a runner friend to register with me so I can’t back out now! I love your podast–you’re so encouraging. I used to run before I had two kids (ahem, 7 years ago) and I honestly never thought I’d be able to get back into it. The fact that I just ran for 25 minutes straight without dropping dead is pretty amazing. I never thought I’d get this far, but your podcast never let me back down. Thanks so much for making it!

  35. Enid, OK. I’m starting week 3. I’ve run 5ks before, but never the entirety, and always quite slowly.

  36. Hi, Carli!!! I am from Van Buren, Arkansas and I am training for my first 5k ever. Actually, this is the first time since junior high that I’ve actually “run” for exercise. I literally am best friends with my couch, so doing the Couch to 5k training has been great for me! I am starting Week 5, and will be running my 5k in May. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your podcasts! I SO appreciate all of the time and work you put into these podcasts. They have made my training go SO much better! Thank you, Carli!

  37. Hi from Ridgeland, Miss. I am starting C25k next week and love your podcast.

  38. Hey Carli, I’m from Tyler, TX. I graduated C25k yesterday!!! Your podcasts literally got me through it. Trouble is, I need longer than 30 minutes to run the actual 5k, so I need a longer one! 🙂
    I plan to run in my 1st 5k on May 7th. The Komen Race for the Cure is going to be here in Tyler that day. Thanks for the podcasts…outstanding!

  39. Hey there Carli! Phoenix, AZ here. (Its a dry heat!!!) I found you looking for a fun podcast for c25k. I was reading down through the list of post. WOW!!!! People from all over the world! Hello to everyone!!!!! On 4/30 I will be doing another 5k (Run for the Cheetah-3rd time doing it). It will be the start of my 3rd year of getting off my butt. I may still be a BBW, but I still finish. Love everthing you do for us. Thanks!!!! Keep up the great work and keep running!!!!!

  40. Hello from Hollister, CA! A friend recommended your c25k podcasts and I love them! Love hearing your words of encouragement throughout my training! Thank you! I’m currently in wk 4 about to jump into wk 5 and training for the 6 mile Wharf to Wharf run in Santa Cruz, CA this July! Best wishes and God Bless!

  41. Hi Carli,

    I am from Austin, TX.

  42. Hi Carli, I’m in Southampton in the UK and a friend recommended your c25K podcasts to me. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer so (feeling totally helpless and unable to fix her) I signed up to do a 5K to raise money for the charity. I’d been training on my own but it’s too easy to let yourself stop when it hurts and gets difficult… I’m hoping hearing you in my earphones telling me when to stop and start and encouraging me will help me run the whole thing – I’ll let you know! I’m moving to week 3 next week. My run is in July – I’ve lost 11 pounds since February but gained £1188 in sponsorship so far! You’re an inspiration so thanks for the help so far 🙂

  43. Hi Carli,
    I am from Norfolk, UK. A friend told me about the Couch to 5K. I have checked out others but yours is the best. It has taken me since September to get to week nine which I start tomorrow (bad leg, study, all these things got in the way. I have never before got as far as running like I can now, its down to the programme, the gentle encouragement and your great music choices. I love reading your blogs. My goal is to cycle from London – Paris for a premature baby charity this time next year (my son now 6 was born at 31 weeks). Its a five day trip so I have to keep training.

  44. Hi Carli,
    I live in Huntsville, Onatrio, Canada. I was born here in the great north and lived here all my life 🙂

    My girlfriend introduced me to your program and now I am starting week 5 and loving it! It helped me to quit smoking and get into better shape again. It was important to me to get back into shape…I had to have major surgery and because I was ill for so long I was unable to really work out. Your program has helped me gain back my stamina and enthusiasim for physical activity!! My 11 yr old son even runs with me sometimes (I’m a mother of three, but he’s the only one really digging it…..yet). Thanks Carli for your program…..this was a wonderful idea….and so caring of you…you are so inspiring!!!! Lots of love from Canada 🙂

  45. Hi Carly!! Checking in from Metro Detroit here! I just finished Week 4 today and am loving your podcasts! So far I’ve lost 8 pounds, but better yet, I am just plain feeling GREAT about myself! You are a total inspiration to me!!

    A friend is trying to get me to do a 5K with her in June… I haven’t 100% committed yet, but I really want to do it!

  46. Hi Carli,
    Kenai, Alaska. Starting week 4. Found out about c25ks from one of my daughter’s friends. Went web surfing and found your work outs. Love the voice prompts on the great music choices. I use the treadmill for my runs. Is working well. I do the walks at 3.0 and the run at 4.5. Almost ready to speed up the runs. Thanks!

  47. Fort Myers,Fl…Graduated the program friday and ran my first 5k this morning!!!Thank you so much for the great podcasts,the music helped so much…Starting the 10k program tuesday…You are truly an inspiration,keep up the good work…

  48. Hi Carli,
    I am from Atlanta, GA. Thanks to your podcast; your words of encouragement on them really help! I have run 2 5k’s. I emailed before letting you know I would send a pic but I ran out the door both times without my camera. My last 5k I finished with my pr of 33:34 using your 10k week 2 gets me through each race. Thank you!

  49. Hi Carli!

    I’m from Toronto, Canada. I found your site by Googling C25K, and I just love your choice in music!

    I’ve just completed W4D3 – excited to start Week 5 on Tuesday. I really find your accomplishments inspiring. If anytime I’m struggling through a podcast run, I just tell myself that Carli did it – then so can I 🙂 I’m planning to do a 5k in June (eek! next month!) and who knows, maybe a 10k by the Fall.

    I’ll be turning 30 in August – and what better gift can I give myself than a healthier me 🙂

    Thank you, Carli!

  50. Hey from Graceville, FL! 90 pounds down so far, about 33 more to go.

    Ran five 5k races in the last year, did my C25k training with the help of your podcasts! Still running regularly and enjoying it so much!

    You rock sister. I enjoy keeping up with your journey (and antics! lol). 🙂


  51. Hey EVERYBODY!!!!! Wow! I am shocked, honored and amazed at the responses to this post. I had no idea how many people actually read my blog and run with my podcasts. I see the stats, but the doesn’t begin to compare to the real life stories that you have shared. I can’t believe people all over the world run to the sound of my voice. I’ve learned so much about my regular blog friends and you secret readers/runners that I didn”t even know about! I’m happy to see that some of my Wall of Fame runners are still running. For those who have recently finished, if you would like to join the wall of fame, email me your picture (carli@carlifierce.com) *Hugs* to all of you for reminding me why I do what I do. Thanks again 🙂

  52. I’m from Paris, TN! 50 lbs down!! 🙂

  53. Hi from Chicago IL:) Used your podcasts from the beginning, along with kissmyblackass.org to help do the c25k…….many 5ks ran, 10 mile trail race done, a 15k winter race, and another 5 mile winter race. Training for 1/2 marathon, injury slowed my training for a while, but I’m back running again. Thanks Carli-Go TEAM!!

  54. Augusta, GA, USA by the way of Puerto Rico

  55. Bay Area, California – Hi Carli – did the whole Couch to 5k program with your podcasts – graduated April 15th – ran my first 5k yesterday (May 1st) with a time of 40.23. Just download week one Bridge to 10k. Thank you for sharing your podcasts with us. Happy Running 🙂

  56. Howdy from Leander, TX (just north of Austin!) I found you searching for running to get fit. I am not quite ready to start the C25K – working up to it by walking consistently every morning for a week, and this morning started adding in a few jogging segments. Thank you so much for sharing your story – I cannot wait to hear more 🙂

  57. Folsom, CA here! I did the C25K with your podcasts, and have been running with your 10K week 2 for a while now. 🙂 I decided to put my 10K training on hold for a while, because I just can’t imagine getting up any earlier than 5:20 AM to run, and I can’t get everything I need done if I don’t get up earlier. When Summer hits, I can start building up my runs, so your timing rocks!

  58. Dartmouth, Massachusetts here 🙂 Ran my first 5K on April 3rd and scheduled for my second on Mother’s Day. Yikes I think that is this weekend. Oh No……LOL

  59. I found you through a search and must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your C25k playlist. Totally helped me. The music choices were awesome. I’ve tried others…but yours rocked! Thanks 🙂

    In 2007 I started running. I admit I HATED it, and still it’s a love/hate relationship. I just love seeing people running down the street and felt like I could do that too! I figured it could be a great cardio for me, so that was when my journey started. I used a different podcast (ullery), which got me through and I ran my first 5K, and another in 2008.

    Fast forward a few months/year and I stopped running! Why?! Laziness. I still struggle(d) with my weight, and in the fall of 2010 I wanted to start running again. That is when I found your podcast. FANTASTIC!

    I’m getting ready to start training for my first 1/2 marathon. I wish I could say that I’ve regularly been running since the fall of 2010, but that hasn’t been the case. Oh 3 miles here and there…but nothing near being regular.

    Thanks for the podcast! Now to tackle the 30 more pounds to go 🙂

  60. Boston Massachusetts! Heard about your podcasts on a local message board I run for women. I am about to wrap up the C25K program (W8D2) Can’t believe I am running almost 30 minutes; easily! Thank you so much for your podcast – could not have done them with out YOU!!! First 5K next month!

  61. Hi Carli! I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana and I started running a few years ago but my niece introduced me to your podcast and I love them. I completed my first 5K this weekend and ran to your week 9 podcast! I ran it in 37 min 37 seconds! I was proud of myself. I’m 55 years old! Thanks for all you do, I love the podcast and blogs! Keep on running and inspiring!

  62. Hi Carli! Kat from Rochester NY here. I am proud to say I graduated C25K about a month ago with your podcasts.

    Finished my first 5K about two weeks ago in 32:02, I would love to be on your Wall of Fame but every single pic came out horrible! Right now I’m on week 5 of Bridge to 10K and continue to be amazed at my progress. So glad to see you are doing a B210K series!

    I am now embarking on the fight of my life as I was told I have breast cancer last Friday. I thank God (and you) for the good health I’ve developed by taking up running – no doubt it will help along the way. I’m going to keep running until I’m told otherwise…..

    Thank you Carli for all you have done. Look at all these people’s amazing stories! 🙂

  63. Hi Carli from Auburn Indiana!! Love your podcasts. On week 3(again) Planning to run a 4 mile Fitness Run in September. Thanks for your help!!

  64. Hi Carli! I’m in north Texas, but I heard about your podcasts and blog from friends in Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia, and beyond. You have quite a following!

    I am returning to Week 1 this week after a knee injury, but I have no doubt that I’ll run my very first 5K in the near future, thanks in part to what you’ve shared. Thanks a million! 🙂

  65. Hi Carli! I’m here in Charlottesville, VA! I found your site through my weight loss group on facebook. I have been using your podcasts to get me through each week of the C25K plan! Up to day 3 of Week6 today! I love how you say, If I can do it, you can do it. Really gets me going! Thanks for your inspiration!

  66. Hi! I’m here from Utah! I found your site this time last year. It took me a while to “get off the couch” because let’s be honest I had NEVER run before. But, I did get off the couch and followed your program week by week. I loved it soo much that I have continued and just finished my first 1/2 marathon last Saturday at the Thanksgiving Point 1/2 marathon. I even listened to my favorite “Week 7” as I ran. Your podcasts are soo motivational and inspirational all at the same time. Also, thanks to your program I am down 70 lbs too. I love you Carli! Thanks for all your hard work! And If you are reading this and haven’t gotten off the couch, Get off the couch and go for your dreams even if you have never run before!

  67. Columbia, Missouri (just down the road). Finished my 5K this past weekend with two other Carli followers. We did the FLYING PIG in Cincinnati and it was really fun. I was kind of slow, but my motto was that I just wanted to finish and I did. At that race even the 5K people get a cool medal! BLING! I loved the podcasts and can’t wait until you finish your 10K training podcasts as well.

    I do wish you would consider making a RACE DAY podcast – one you can adjust to your pace – so if you are a 12:30 mile you can just advance the playback “X” minutes before the start – – so the podcast ends at the finish line or close. I did my own race day music, but I WANTED CARLI!!! Just felt like I needed to hear your voice telling me that I could do it. You matter that way.

    I also think you should consider Team Fierce. An event or race or something that Carli fans can come to and do “their” race “their” way – with support from Team Fierce. Team in Training is great, but you have a lot of people that love what you serve … and want leftovers!

    When can we get Fierce sportwear? Fat to Fit to Fierce … Team Fierce. Fierce water bottles! Think of the fun!

    Keep up the good work and the great blogs. Love you include WW’s as well.

  68. Hi Carli, I am in Corona, California!! I heard of your podcast through the weight watchers message boards. I loved it! i completed C25K with you and I am looking forward to a 10K version. Thank you so much, you are awesome!!

    PS – I especially liked the Rocky theme, came at the perfect time!!

  69. Hi from Sacramento CA. I found your podcast when I was got sick of the boring one I downloaded to my phone. At 1st all I could find was techno music so, when I found you I was hooked!!! Since then I have completed two 5ks and just yesterday I ran in my first 10k race. Thanks to you (and your C25k pod casts), I won a bronze medal in my age group!!! I plan on running a 1/2 marathon or, two before the end of the year. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Hi, from Sapulpa, OK!! Love your podcast got my son doing it with me!! I will be doing my first 5K in June. I know I can walk it no problem but hoping to jog most if not all of it! Thanks!

  71. Hi from Central Virginia. Found this website after starting the C25K program. I really enjoy the podcast, they help me stay on track of the run/walk intervals. Carli’s word of wisdom helps to motivate you at the start of every run. Good music helps keep the feet going too.

    Toni– I know what you mean about the Rocky theme…I was thinking “Well I’ve had just about had enough, but the music prompted me to finish the run. I think week 8 is my favorite mix.

    I’ve finished two 5K races so far and attended a Sprint Triathalon this weekend to just check things out. Hoping to keep the training up and enter next years event.

    Thanks Carli for being my coach.

  72. Rochester, NY I found you by googling c25k rock and Im loving the mix!

  73. Late to the roll call party but Chris from Texas! 5k ala Carli, did a 10K and now pondering a half!

    I have lost 130 since Jan 2010 and running was a huge help in that!

    God Bless everyone on their journey!

  74. Checking in from the Bay Area, CA. I am down 97 lbs (!!) and am determined to run the inagural Tinker Bell Half next January 2012. Lots of work to do so will be back often for inspiration.

  75. I’m in Arlington, TX by way of Oklahoma and Seattle. Love your blog! I am about finished with the Couch to 5K and have run in the Komen Race for the Cure and have my second 5K on May 21. I am seriously contemplating training for a 10K and half using Jeff Galloway training principles. I’m down 2 pant sizes and about 15 pounds since starting to run in February!

  76. Just completed week one. From Trenton, MI. (20 miles south of Detroit!)

  77. I’m in Alvarado, TX, and have just finished Wk1, Day 2. I found your site from a post on the C25K forum. AFter reading everyone’s roll call comments, I can’t wait to try Day 3 with your help! I find I’m having trouble setting the pace. Also on a treadmill, I’m just not feeling like it’s a natural movement…but that’s a problem for another day! I’ve committed to the 9 wks, and have lined up friends to keep me accountable. 3 of them are willing to run a 5 K with me when I graduate!
    Thanks for all you do!

  78. Hey Carli (and Cheryl above)… I’m struggling with pace too – my running friends tell me I must be running too fast (I find that hard to believe!). I’m still training on my own using the podcast but find I’m running to the beat and on week 4 I can do the first three minutes but can’t make it to the end of the first five minutes. Just wondering if anyone has any hints or suggestions about how to keep a slower pace…? Thanks 🙂

  79. Anna-Marie, I would sugguest that you run at a pace that is comfortable to you. The music helps set the pace some, but it changes with each song. I sometimes do a 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 count in my head to get me going at a good pace. Feel free to repeat a day before you move on to the next week. I think it took me about 12 weeks to do my first “9 week” training program.

  80. Peru, IN here! My hubby and I are on week 3 now. We had been running together, but with the longer runs starting, we are going to have to split up. He is faster than me (i keept telling myself it is because he is taller adn has longer legs, but really I think he is in better shape, ha!).

  81. Hi Carli, I’m from Italy! I was looking for something to help me keep fit after tone-up classes were over, and I found your precious podcasts! I’ve just started with week 1, and I hope I’ll improve in the next few weeks 🙂
    I love your blog, and think you’re great!

  82. Hi there! I am about to start Week 3, and wanted to say THANKS for the great podcasts. We have pretty similar taste in music, you’re really helping me stay motivated! Cheers!

  83. Hi Carli , thanks great podcast I’m on week 3 really working for me . I have a goal to do a 5k then from there who nows maybe 10k and then train for a half marathon . Janice from Glasgow cheers!

  84. Hello Carli from Springfield, Missouri! Starting week 4 and am really enjoying see my progress. At the beginning of each week I tell myself there is no way I will be able to do the following week (I always peek ahead to see what is in store) but somehow manage to do it! I am also doing Weight Watchers and passing out your information tonight at our weigh in. I enjoy reading the blog and can relate to the heat since we live a few hours south of you. Love the music and we now have a running group that meets at the park to run each night with Carli. Thanks!

  85. Hello again. Completed my 5K on Sunday in a personal best of just under 5K – couldn’t run all of it but am still so happy I achieved what I did. I got up to 8 mins of running (week 5 I think) and I did 21 mins on a treadmill. But best of all I’m up to £2150 in sponsorship…. and looking at other 5K events to sign up to! Keep up the good work everyone xx

  86. Hello and greetings from Finland. I decided to give this program a try, first run done now. Podcast – at least the one for first week was wonderful and it inspired me a lot, even though the music isn’t straight from my favourite types of music but anyways. I enjoyed! And that’s a lot for a lazy manatee like me.

  87. Just finished the couch to 5k program on my first time through it, I have never been a runner even a little but decided this is what I needed to get in shape after I had my baby in May. Just run 3.1 miles this morning and ran the whole thing. My 5k is on Saturday and I feeling like it won’t be a problem at all!

  88. Looks like I’m the first one from Sydney, Australia !
    Been using your great podcasts, your mix has songs that pick my pace up.
    Just finished week 4 but going to do it again as I’m not feeling confident enough for week 5 yet.

  89. Just starting week 8. Don’t know what I would do without your podcasts. Thank you so much! Not feeling fierce yet, but definately more fit than in a long time.

  90. Hi Carli,
    I was looking for podcasts to help me stay motivated during runs and I found your site. I am very impressed and will be using your podcasts to help me train for my quarter marathon and eventually half and full. Thanks.

  91. Hi Carli, i live in Dubai but from the uk, I’m on the 2 nd week and getting there…loving the music on week 2 …..thanks

  92. Hey Carli –
    Portland, OR, here. My wife and I are in week 5 of the Couch to 5K podcast – and we love it! We’re also doing Weight Watchers, so the combo is working out really good. I’ve never been a runner, so being able to run more than a couple of minutes is amazing. We’re doing our first 5K in June and we’ve already signed up for two more after it. Once that becomes a standard, we’re moving up to your 10K. Maybe next year will be a 1/2 or FULL marathon!
    Thanks so much for the podcasts!

  93. Hi Carli

    Im Tracy from Northern Ireland (Armagh). My dog and I have just started the Couch to 5K running programme with the help of your podcasts. I have a disability that affects my chest and lungs, and we are taking it slow and doubling up each week of the programme but we just moved into week 2 today. We are really enjoying it, Possibly my dog Nora is enjoying it more than me ;P but she helps me through the tough parts cause she just wants to keep going 🙂

    Its great to just be able to focus on the music and wait for your cues. it makes the whole process go much more smoothly. Since I’m doing Each week of the programme for longer I’m downloading both of your podcasts for each week so that I can have a choice of music to listen too.

    Thanks so much Carli and Nora and I will keep you updated on how we get on.

  94. Hi Carli,
    I’m Angela and i’m from Mississippi. I was on the web looking for C25K podcasts and was really excited when I ran accross yours. The music is awesome, just what I need to get started. I’m a first time runner and I just got started on week one. Its’ brutal but I’m sure it’ll pay off in the end.
    Thanks for your podcast.

  95. Lovely Web site, Continue the fantastic work. With thanks.

  96. Dear Carli I am from South Africa. Thank you so much for your podcast. It helped me a lot. You rock!!!

  97. Hi! I’m in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’m in week 5 of your couch-to-5k podcasts, and I love it! It’s going great and I look forward to being able to run a real 5k!

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