Just in case you missed it…  Bree Boyce lost 110 pounds and became Ms. South Carolina.  I read an article about her about a week ago, but it was still on my mind.  She lost weight the healthy way, by eating less and moving more over the course of several years.  She even won the swimsuit competition…I was so inspired by her story, that I had to share it with you.  There is truly a beauty queen deep inside of all of us if we allow her to come out…  You may not win a pageant, but you deserve to feel and look like a Beauty Queen.

Here is a link to the TODAY show article  if you want to read more.

  1. Thanks for sharing this Carli. That’s pretty cool. You are as much an inspiration as she is though. I had a recent setback and remembered one of your posts (Aug 13, ’09) and read it again yesterday to get my head back in the positive game. Thanks again for your upbeat views and inspiration.

  2. Hi Carli 🙂 I just found you while browsing for C25K podcasts and wanted to THANK YOU for your awesome version!!!! I started with Robert what’s his names podcast and was not “pumped up” to get motivated at all. I’m starting week 2 this week and can’t wait to use yours!

    You are an inspiration and I’m now following your blog as well 😉 Thanks for all you do and congratulations on all of your accomplishments!!

  3. Thank You Carli! I just started today and wow! I’m beat, but happy to report that I’m excited for Friday’s run already and very glad you took the time to do this! Interesting how life can change when you let that inner beauty queen out! Thank You!

  4. I saw this as well on Today. She looks amazing and she was honest about her transformation!

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