I went to church this morning. My mother and another member of the board asked me to assist with the church walk-a-thon. Of course you know that’s right up my ally. I had about 20 people to sign up after church. I even scheduled two group training sessions before the walk on September 24. That’s not really enough time to train, but I’m working with the date they chose. After church, I went to the gym, but I went pretty late. My 10K training schedule indicated that I should complete 3.5 miles today.   However, I was only able to complete about 2.7 miles on the treadmill before the gym closed.   I was reading The South Beach Diet book as I walked on the treadmill. It’s a very easy read, and I almost read the whole book in one day.   I actually learned a lot, and I’m going to do a video book review soon. I walked until the security guard came and put me out because the gym was closed.   I was going to walk the last mile or so outside the gym, but I got lazy, and there was this weird old guy sort of following me around. He got beside me on the treadmill, and told me to have a happy holiday, at least 3 times in 5 minutes. Is Labor Day even a real holiday? … Then he was following right behind me as I walked outside. I realize now that he might be kind of “special,” but I felt more comfortable just going home.

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  1. That is my next read! Great job on sticking to the treadmill. Totally would have dine the same and gone home if I was being followed. I have been reading The fertility Diet and it’s blown my mind about how much hormones are affected by our food. I want to lose weight but PCOS makes that hard. It is my hope that with South Beach, The Fertility Diet, and Vegetarian menus as well as exercise I will lose enough weight to have a baby. Nearing 37 freaks me out but I am really pushing it. Thank you for inspiring me to run!

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