Here is a recipe for delicious Mexican Chili I made last night before I went to the gym.

– 1 Pound of Lean Ground Beef or Ground Turkey
-1 Chili Seasoning Packet
-1 Squirt of Ranch Salad Dressing (My Secret Ingredient)
-1/3 cup Guacamole

-1 Small Can of Bush’s Baked Beans (I use vegetarian, since I don’t eat pork)
-1 Can of Corn or Frozen corn
-1 Can of Pinto Beans OR Black Beans OR Chili Beans (whatever kind you like)
-1 Can of Diced Tomatoes (Made for Chili)
– A Crock pot (Optional)

Cooking Directions
1) Cook ground beef in skillet until brown, season meat with chili seasoning packet.
2) Add a squirt of ranch salad dressing to the cooked seasoned ground beef and stir (trust me!)
3) You can use a Crock Pot or a regular pot to combine remaining ingredients.
4) Add the cooked Ground Beef, Guacamole, Can of Bush’s Baked Beans, Corn, Can of your favorite Bean, and Can of Diced tomatoes into pot and heat to desired temperature.

This amazingly flavorful dish is High in protein and fiber and very filling.

  1. That looks great! Never thought of add guacamole during the cooking process, but I love the stuff and that sounds amazing.

  2. I’ve never added ranch dressing or guacamole to my chili. Totally trying that next time. My husband just brought home a freezer full of elk (awesomely lean red meat!) so I’m always on the lookout for tasty recipes!

  3. Aubree, Guac is on the very limited list of foods that I can eat during this initial phase of the South Beach Diet, so I’m trying all sorts of new things.

  4. Angela…I have never had Elk. My friend told me about the ranch, she said you can use a ranch seasoning packet too.

  5. ok…I will share my secret ingredient also… I make slow cooker chili with meat, beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, random chili peppers, and a few tablespoons of (here it is) powdered baking chocolate…. like a quarter of a cup to a crockpot. I’ll try the guacamole idea…

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