Did you know …if you boil an egg in a pot of water and completely forgot about it for an hour (or more), that all of the water will boil out, and that the egg will stick, burn and explode? The egg will pop and cause an unusually loud bang that will scare you out of your pants. Your 65 pound dog will turn into a scared little Chihuahua afraid to go anywhere near the sound. You will grab your salad fork from dinner as protection against the possible home invader and bravely go towards the kitchen as you quickly realize that somehow, you’ve managed to almost burn your house down. As your barefoot steps on burnt egg shells and egg parts, you will remember that quite some time ago, you attempted to boil an egg. The dog that followed behind (not in front) of you will then attempt to eat the egg that has splattered on the stove, cabinets, walls and floor. The dog and the broom will fight for egg scraps as you clean up the huge mess; laughing at the fact you and a frightened dog were going to save the day with a fork.

  1. you need to add a “like” button to your page! great story….you brought a smile to my face 🙂

  2. Ok, I just spit my Diet Coke down my shirt as I read this. Thanks so much for the laughs!

  3. There is a like Button! lol glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Sally, LOL! I laughed so hard when I read your comment.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! That is DARN hilarious! LOVE IT!….and no, I didn’t know any of that stuff. Thanks for filling me in! 😉

  6. LOL Jenn, just a hypothetical story about what could happen.

  7. I can’t, for whatever reason, boil an egg properly. I spend more time trying to peel the small bits of shell off and end up with most of the white stuck to the darn shell. Epic Fail.

  8. sorry–I had to laugh—
    thanks heaven I hate boiled eggs, ’cause that is something I could do 🙂

  9. OMG…. that was so funny! I can’t stop laughing.

  10. Tex, I was in Walgreens yesterday and I saw some “as seen on tv” device that allows you to crack a raw egg, pour it into this egg shaped thingy and then boil the perfect egg with no shell. I thought about you! LOL! This morning however, I was able to successfully boil my egg with my turkey bacon.

  11. i cook but didnt know how to boil (or peel ) an egg and then Bethenny Frankle came to my rescue and I do this…cos I eat a boiled egg 5 days a week
    cover egg(s) completely with water
    cover pan
    bring water to a bubbling boil
    turn heat off
    leave pan covered, eggs immersed in the water…forget about it
    when water has cooled your egg(s) have boiled !
    remove and store in fridge
    take one out everyday and have with oatmeal

  12. TG, I can’t wait to try it and see if it works, fool proof eggs! Thanks for sharing.

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