Updates…How’s that for a Catchy Title? LOL. This week I haven’t gotten the opportunity to work out like I normally do. At first I had some physical pain, and then my sinuses were killing me.  I really should have called off work, but I want to save my days for vacation. Anyway, No worries, I’m feeling better. I’m sticking to the South Beach Plan (mostly). I must say that the most amazing part about the diet plan is not having food cravings. I mean I get hungry of course, but I don’t have that intense drive to eat something sweet or full of bad carbs. It’s SO nice to have that peace of mind. I truly thought it was about 80% mental, now I’m learning that eating healthy and making better choices is much more physical than I ever understood. But, I am struggling a little bit with the fact that I don’t have to write down what I eat. For so many years I was taught from nearly every diet that I need to write down my food and keep a food diary. But, on my first week of South Beach, I lost over 7 pounds, I ate a lot, and didn’t write down a thing. It’s totally, freeing, just so different. It’s a major mind shift, but I like it. I went for my 2rd weigh-in with Lose to Win. I stayed the same, I didn’t lose or gain. Not bad. I wasn’t too disappointed. At least I’m not gaining, and I know it’s because I was completely inactive this week. Next week will be better.
What Did Carli Eat Today?
B– Egg Scramble with light cheese and onion
L– Salad and Chicken Gumbo and a Rice Krispie Treat (The rice krispie was not on plan, but it’s my favorite treat from a local restaurant. It wasn’t a craving, but it was a mindful decision, and that felt good.)
D– Brown Rice, Steak, edamame, cabbage, zuchinni stir-fry (Back on plan!)
I drank only water all day!

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  1. Congratulations on your eating and mindful eating decisions. And for maintaining weight even when your workouts have been sidelined, impressive! That rice krispy treat sounds amazing!

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