The Team in Training Kick-Off meeting was Thursday.  I was surprised, there were way less participants than last year.  Only about half as many runners showed up.  Some of the staff from last year were excited to see me back and greeted me with hugs.  I met a few nice ladies, who thought I was an expert because I knew what to wear for training, and actually finished a half marathon last year.  It’s a little weird to be the biggest person in the room and yet the fitness “expert.”  We got our training schedule, I think I forgot how intense the schedule really is.  5 days a week, with 2 rest or cross training days.  I signed away my first born child on the fundraising contracts and medical waivers.   At the end they had a raffle for a TNT Hat, TNT duffle bag, and a Bottle of Moscato Wine.  I casually, told the ladies at my table that Moscato was my favorite wine.  And what do you know? They called my ticket number!  I won the pretty blue bottle of wine.  This year they actually had a training shirt that fit, so I was super happy about that too.  Looks like things are getting off to a great start. 

Here is a Dropbox Link to my Half Marathon training schedule.  I’ve never used Dropbox for my blog, but we use it all the time to share documents at work.  Let me know if it works (or doesn’t work). Tip: You might have to set up a free dropbox account to get access to the training schedule.

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