Okay, I’m totally aware that the holidays are so “last year,” but I thought it was a fitting name for today’s post.   Last night, I promised myself I would get in some activity.  I’ve done such an incredibly good job keeping Weight Watcher points.  I’ve tracked every single thing I put in my mouth this week.  I tracked the Garrett’s popcorn from Chicago, I tracked the bite of pastry that I pinched off in the kitchen at work, I even tracked last night’s midnight Cocoa Puffs n Peanuts snack.   (gee thanks a lot Special Friend for introducing me to the salty sweet chocolaty goodness)  It’s not the healthiest choice, but I guess it better than late night chocolate chip cookies.  But, I also tracked the good things like fruit and yogurt for breakfast and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner.  I decided that today, I was ready to add the activity back in.  Although I’m training for a half marathon and shouldn’t have taken a break, I didn’t want jinx anything, I wanted to make sure I had to the food together.  I’m working hard on pacing myself, and not trying to be Miss Everything.  I have not been this successful with food in a long time, and it feels good to be in control.   I feels good not to be on some outrageous restricting diet.  I can tell you guys are rooting for me, and I appreciate it.

Anyway, I figured since St. Louis had record high weather nearly 70 degrees in the middle of winter that I would walk at lunch with my co-worker friend while it was still daylight. I called his desk at the other firm downstairs and a woman answered saying he was “no longer with the firm.”  I was so upset that my friend was no longer there, we’ve grown close like siblings over the past few years.  We still talk daily even though we work at different firms in the same building, so I was totally caught off guard.  Instantly, my brain told me to feed my emotions.  Then I realized I needed a plan…quick.  I called to make sure he was okay, he hated it there anyway, we both miss our old firm.  The legal field can be pretty cut throat.  Thankfully, he was fine, so I stuck with the original plan.  I walked around, probably less than a mile, and walked to get a salad.  It was gorgeous outside, it made me think, now this is a winter wonderland! I was able to walk back to work, with my head held high.  I did it…eating healthy and activity in the same day, even with the stress of missing one of my best friends.  I’m taking baby steps y’all.  Like I always say in my podcasts, if I can do it, anybody can!

  1. Way to Go Carli!!! Baby steps are always a good way to start, But lately my feet dont want to move. I’m really going to have to get back into it. A coworker and i made a bet to see who could be the most active each month. The loser pays for a dinner at winners favorite place. I have my work cut out for me because she is 8 years younger and about 150lbs lighter, my only advantage is she loves to eat. So BEST of Luck to both of us and everyone else out there trying to be active.

  2. Good Luck Tam! You can do it. Who cares that she’s smaller, when I did my half marathon there were people 100 pounds thinner than me quitting and passing out. You’re a pro, you can do it!

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