Since I finally seem to have gotten my insane eating under control with the help of weight watchers, I decided to do a new type of post called Delicious Discovery.  Anytime I find or re-discover a new food, I’ll do a quick post and a review.  So, today’s Delicious Discovery is Lactose-Free Yoplait Yogurt.  I’m lactose intolerant (allergic to milk/dairy), so I was super excited to see this in Super Wal-Mart yesterday.  Here is the nutrition label. 

It comes out to 170 Calories or 4 Weight Watcher’s Points Plus.  It was delicious.  I highly recommend it.

  1. Interesting information about Yoplait Yogurt! I, too, am lactose intolerant. Does it come in a variety of flavors?? or just the cherry?

  2. Hi Lysandra, I got the yogurt from Super Walmart, they had Strawberry, Cherry and Vanilla

  3. 26g of SUGAR?! That’s insane.

  4. Wow, Lisa, that is a ton of sugar!

  5. I discovered that I really enjoy the Whole Soy yogurts-dairy free and lots of really great flavors!

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