So technically, Green Bags themselves aren’t delicious, but they can help keep your veggies fresh and delicious longer.  I saw on Amazon that they got  some bad reviews, but, they work great for me.  You just have to be careful to keep the moisture out.  I saw the commercial on TV and then by chance found some on sale at the store in the As Seen on TV aisle.  Here is a picture of broccoli that was in a green bag in my fridge for 3 weeks! 

Its looks as fresh as the day I bought it.  I was actually kind of scared to eat it, wondering what kind of voodoo curse that weird green bag put over my broccoli.  But, I ate it, and I survived and it tasted fine.  Not all foods work great (like strawberries), but if you know you bought it, and from reason, may not eat in right away, try a green bag.

  1. Hey Carli! I swear by the green bag. Sometimes I get crazy in the produce department and bring home things we can’t possibly eat (or remember to eat) within a few days. I give it a thumbs up!

  2. Love the voodoo curse comment!

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