Well they say everything is bigger in Texas.  Apparently it’s true.  I certainly got bigger in Texas.  I ate whatever, with little to no moderation.  I was on vacation and I just wanted a break from everything.  A break from dieting, working, cold weather, and real estate.  I didn’t have to deal with any real estate drama except for the tenant that called and said someone was breaking in (with a key might I add) and stealing dishwashing liquid, lottery tickets and loose change.  Where do I find these people?! Thankfully the Maintenance Man is changing the locks for me, and if the loose change fairies continue to steal his stuff while he’s at work, then that’s his problem.

Anyway, I consciously ate poorly in Texas if that makes sense.  I didn’t get back home and say what the heck happened?  I was mindful of the cinnabuns, full size restaurant portions, and my signature Peach Cobbler I made for my friend as a thank you.  I made a commitment on the plane to start back tracking weight watcher points on Monday morning, and I did.  But, there was nothing short of a snow storm Monday night, weigh-in night.   




Pic taken from inside my car headed to the WW meeting

Snowing on my way to the meeting

I was comfortable being off plan for 3 days and I was even comfortable with gaining a little weight, but I didn’t like the idea of skipping the meeting.  I put on my snow boots, drove like a true St. Louis all-weather girl and went to weigh in.  On the snowy ride there, I reminded myself that I’m working on disconnecting my emotions with my weight and the scale.  I kept my commitment and tracked all day.  In the past, I would have said, I probably gained 5 pounds, it’s snowing, I’ll be embarrassed, I un-did all my hard work, I failed my Fiercling fans on my blog, I’ll just weigh in next week. But no, not this time.  I stepped up and was told by the receptionist that I gained 2 pounds.  I was okay with that, because it reflected my eating behavior.  I was actually surprised at how cool I was about it.  I didn’t go into a downward spiral and say woe is me, I ruined everything.  I just said I had a great time, ate what I wanted, and got back on plan.  I know next week that the scale next week will show my renewed commitment. 

P.S. The Texas trip post is coming soon, I’m still adding the pics for you guys…


  1. If you know why you gained then that is ok. It is when you do everything right and still the scales go up or don’t go down and you wonder what the heck? A girl in our WW meeting said she gained 4.3 last week and lost 4.3 this week–her doctor had changed her BP meds and that caused her weight to spike. I have lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks–very slow coming off. Keep up the good work, stay focused and count those points. Our leader says everything we put in our mouth is a BLT-bites, licks and tastes and we should count that as 1 point.

  2. You go girl! Vacations were made to be enjoyed, & remember, even with that you gain & lose about 5 pounds depending on all sorts of things. Now if it’s 10, then there’s a problem. I sort of took a “holiday” for the holidays, but renewed my committment come January. But I enjoyed the heck out myself while I did. I only gained back about 3 pounds! But, like you, I have to remember not to beat myself up for little gains. It happens.

  3. hi! some random friday thoughts…
    1- good job on not being hard on yourself!
    2- all I think about is ribs when I think of Texas…(or St.Louis for that matter)
    3- looks like you got more snow than we’ve had all season in Boston… snowed on Halloween and one day in January…
    4- I’ve been at a WW plateau for the past two fr**& ing weeks… but then calmed down when I averaged the total over the past 7 weeks.. still doing good so will be positive.
    5- did I ever share that I gained 80 pounds with my first born? (now 27 yo)…. boy, was I shocked to get a mere, teeny 7 lb baby…seemed, well, so unreasonable…. haha!
    6- TGIF!

  4. Hey Mama Helen, Sorry I’m responding like a week later…I’ve been away from the blog scene for a few days. I started my new job and I’m working on renewing my fitness certification. The funny thing is that people always come to St Louis for ribs, and we’re like Huh? ribs? From where? lol
    It snowed flurries on Friday and today it’s sunny and 68 degrees. As they say, if you don’t like the weather in St. Louis, just wait a minute! As long as you’re moving in the right direction overall that’s what counts. I had NO IDEA you gained 80 lbs!! That would totally freak me out. Wowzers.

  5. Diane, keep up the good work. Thanks for commenting. if you continue to lose a pound a week you will have lost 52 pounds this year. I ‘m sure that’s something to be proud of. I agree, I try to count my BLT’s too. They can really add up.

  6. Thanks Lin Bee! But I think I learned an important lesson. I remember in a meeting years ago, the leader said when I vacation, you don’t have to try to lose, but try not to gain. In hindsight, it probably would have been better for me to be a little flexible, but not completely eat mindlessly. Good luck with your journey! We’re all in this together!

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