Wow, what a weekend! My Big Little Sister and I went to Houston, Texas for a mini vacation. I’m going to try not to make this post too long, especially since it’s not about healthy eating or working out. Y’all know I’m a night person; I was packing and doing laundry until after 1 AM the night before my our flight. My sister sent me the cutest pic of niece. She said she wanted to go on the airplane with us and got in the suitcase so she could go too.
 I dropped off Nyah at her grandparent’s house and picked up my other little sister to take us to the airport. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6 AM, and I simply can’t move quickly at that time of morning, especially after a few hours sleep. It was totally my fault that we were running late, and we literally had to run through the airport to avoid missing our flight.  Half-way to the gate, the automatic walkway broke and stopped rolling right before we got on. I was mad at myself for not being more in shape as I ran full speed through the airport.  We were both sweating by the time we sat down on the plane 5 minutes before takeoff. “I can smell your deodorant” my Sis said… “yeah because it’s really working I told her.”
We had a nice flight and I had the funniest voicemail from my Special Friend when we landed. He was pretending to cry and begging me not to go to Texas. It was a full 2 minute message of nothing but outrageous wailing and sobs; it reminded me of a  goofy Saturday night live skit. I laughed so hard, he cracks me up.
We picked up our rental car and used my navigation system to get to my friend’s house where we stayed. Technically she’s my ex-ex-ex-boyfriend’s sister, but that’s a long story.

Her house was so nice, and she had housekeepers cleaning when we arrived.  I was like geez, friend, you didn’t tell me you were rich!

We went apartment hunting on Friday during the day. My sister thinks she is moving to Texas with my niece (I’m in denial.) On Friday night, I went out with my friend, and my sis went out with a guy she met on Facebook. I told her he could be the Facebook Killer, you know, just like the Craigslist Killer movie on Lifetime? Good thing he wasn’t, he was just a nice normal guy.
On Saturday, my blog friend, Tex NY Queen gave us a whole list of stuff to do in her hometown. We ate at Empire Café, saw the beautiful meditation statues and went shopping.  I ate way too much on Saturday, and topped it all off with a pina colada at a local Mexican restaurant.

 Sunday was my big day. I didn’t come for the apartments, the food or the shopping. I came to go to Lakewood Church, where Joel Osteen is the pastor. Oh my GOD! I was so excited I squealed as we drove past the front. My sister was convinced I would pass out and faint when I saw him, and had the video camera in hand. I was so nervous and excited, that I had to go the bathroom. My mom told me I would probably be a little speck in the stadium seating sanctuary that holds over 16,000 people, so I didn’t expect to be close. I don’t know what my sister told the greeter, but she ushered us right to the front and center. She unhooked the velvet rope, and told us to sit in the middle of the 4th row! The 4th row?! “What did you tell her when I was in the bathroom?!” I asked. She just smiled. I started to feel that faint/tears feeling come over me. But I didn’t. Especially since we were almost an hour early and service hadn’t begun yet. 



Finally, after meeting some really nice members sitting behind us, service opened with praise and worship singers I’d seen on TV. I was so freakin’ excited I almost forgot I was at church and not a music concert. One song really touched me, and made me cry tears of joy, reflecting on God’s grace.  I got a new job, my building rehab is complete, I’m writing my 1st book.  Since the church was just over half full, I figured something must be wrong. It was always full on TV. Maybe Pastor Joel was not going to preach at the early service? I was still happy just to be in the place that gives me strength and encouragement every week on TV. Then my sister said, “Look, there he is!” We were so close, OMG he was there, and he looked just like he looked on TV. When he made eye contact with me, I almost died. I can scratch Lakewood and meeting Joel Osteen off my bucket list.

He delivered an awesome sermon as usual, discussing the importance of having a vision for your life. However, towards the end of service, I started to get antsy. Church in real life was a lot longer than the quick sermon on TV, and I feared we would miss our flight. As if he saw me and my sister squirming, Joel pleaded, “just give me 5 more minutes.” We definitely couldn’t get up and leave after that. We stayed until the end, and tried to maneuver through the crowd. But, we ended up running through the airport again. But, this time we weren’t so lucky. The ramp was pulling away from the plane as we approached our departure gate. We missed our flight home! Luckily we were able to fly stand by, and get a seat on what turned out to be an otherwise completely full plane. All in all it was a great weekend. My sister survived the potential Facebook killer, we reconnected with old friends, and I got to meet one of my idols. I’m sure the scale will reflect all the hamburgers, Mexican food, and my signature peach cobbler that I baked as a parting gift for my friend. But, I ready to accept it, and get back on track. 

  1. Hey Carli! So glad you got to visit my neck of the Pineywoods! Sure you don’t want to move down this way? Anything you gain from eating the good burgers, tex-mex and cobblers will easily melt off of you if you are ‘fortunate’ enough to be here during the 100+ degree summer. Lol.

  2. Hey DD, I didn’t realize I was down by you. I wish I would’ve known. We could’ve had walked together.

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