Sorry things have been so quiet on my blog. I had to unplug. I’m working really hard to get my personal life organized. I have so many ideas and so many business ventures that I want to pursue, but I was getting nowhere fast. I think I can do everything, just not all at the same time. I had to prioritize. Of course the job that pays the bills comes first. My new job is great! It’s such a relaxed environment; some of the ladies actually walk around in house shoes! They wear slippers at a law firm. Some even walk around barefoot. And casual Friday is the best, I feel like a rebel every Friday when I wear jeans to work. For St. Patrick’s day, they closed the office two hours early and treated us to drinks and appetizers at an Irish Pub.

To get organized, I made a list of all of my to-do stuff. Some things I’d rather do like blog and work on my e-book, but some stuff I gotta do like prepare my taxes and work my G.O.O.D (Get out of Debt) plan. Having rental property requires so much freaking paper work. All of my important docs were in random stacks in my spare bedroom. I said to myself, I’m a paralegal I organize docs for other people all day long. The least I could do is organize my own stuff. I bought folders and file bins and every day after work last week, I came home and filed paperwork. I feel so much better without that nagging feeling of knowing it needs to be done. I finished the paper part, and I think I’ll pay my little sister to help put it all on the computer and spreadsheets this week…. I’ve probably bored you with all of my tax filing babble.

But, next on my list is to finish my e-book. I think you will love it. It’s more than half way finished. The book will also come with a special download. I just got a call from the studio, I’ll be recording again on Wednesday. I get excited thinking about it! Well… I’ll just tell you…. I’m creating a new race day podcast for both 5K and 10K. You asked for it and I listened. You know these podcasts take a lot of time, picking music and writing the scripts and producing. My initial goal was to launch everything this month. But, realistically, I’m hoping everything will be ready early May. I’m sure you guys will keep me focused and on my toes.

  1. Hope you get the 10k raceday podcast done by July 4th for the Peachtree Road Race. I find out next week if we made the entry into the lottery. Last year was my first and it was so much fun. I have met my 5% goal in WW but this week is just steady. We had the kitchen cabinets ripped out, new ones are in but it will be another 3 weeks before we have sink & countertops so we eat out for dinner. I watch what I eat but dinner is hard to control when you are eating out. I need to organize as well–I do my taxes and my parents. They just give me a box of stuff and I have to sort through it all. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Hey Diane! I KNEW you ladies would keep me on my toes. lol 🙂 I’ll have it done by then for sure. Congrats on reaching your 5%, especially under such hazardous conditions…yikes!

  3. It is good to take a breather and regroup from time to time. To refocus on priorities and goals so we don’t lose sight of the big picture.

    I am excited about the ebook. I’ve been hyping it along with your podcasts up to our local BGR group. I have to say my personal favs are Wk 4 and Wk 5. I’m sort of stuck in limbo there, but I like it. I am running my longest race in May – the Bay to Breakers in San Fran and hearing your podcasts really keep me moving when I just don’t want.

    And I totally get you on the organization aspect. I do that for a living and my dining room table looks like a paper hoarder lives there. I can’t seem to get my BF to do anything with his mountain of mail (yeah, I’m blaming it on him).

  4. The race day podcasts sound terrific! It is so warm here in Minnesota that I had to quit wearing my long sleeve shirt while running – the one with the pocket where I keep my iPod tuned to you! Today, I bought an armband iPod holder. I can’t believe I actually look forward to going running – who would’ve figured?!?!? And your podcasts and 5K training program are the reason why. I am so grateful to Google for finding you!
    P.S. Hope to get back to Lifetime WW on Wed. Keep you fingers crossed 😉 Down 12.2 with only .6 left.

  5. Hey Tex, I did have to literally unplug. I didn’t turn on my laptop at all. Thanks for hyping up my ebook!! Yeah! I’m so glad that my podcast still helps you. I thought you’d be sick of hearing me by now lol. I’d blame it on the BF too. lol

  6. Hey Kathleen, it’s super hot here. Record breaking weather today. I’m so grateful that I get stories from readers and runners like you. Keep up the good work!….Lifetime wow….GOOD LUCK!!!! I hope it goes well. You can do it!

  7. Carli….just want to say “You rock!!”
    Thank you so much for the Podcasts! I did my fist step on C25K this AM and I loved it. The music was great, I’ll be singing “Poison” all day today!
    I am so grateful to people like who who produce wonderful, helpful things…and then SHARE them!!! Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work… 🙂


  8. Thanks for the sending me the “recipe”. I am so excited about the ebook and the podcasts!

  9. Carli…THANKS!! Between you and WeightWatchers, I am now back to my WW Lifetime. I lost 36 lbs. in 1999. It feels great to be back on track…and on the track. Next challenge: my first 5K in mid-May. You are the best. Thanks for being there for all of us. Know that we are here for you, too.

  10. Kerry, I can’t hear “Poison” without feeling like I should be running in the park. Last week i went to the New Edition concert, and of course BBD is members from NE… When they sang Poison the auidence went WILD! We had a blast. Hope your runs are still going well. Thanks for running with my podcasts.

  11. Kathleen congrats on reaching LIFETIME! Whoa, that’s every Weight watcher’s dream. You are proof that we can do it. Good luck with your 5K, If you can reach lifetime, I know you can run a 5K.

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