WW Dulce de Leche

OMG!  One of my new favorites is Weight Watcher’s Dark Chocolate Dulcé de Leche Dessert Bar.  It’s truly delicious!  It’s not like “oh its tasty for a diet ice cream.”  It’s just plain ‘ol good caramel ice cream dipped in chocolate with the added bonus of being a healthier choice.  Each bar weighs in at only 3 WW points plus.  For the non-weight watchers,  that’s, 120 Cals, 4.5 Fat, 19 Carbs, 2 Fiber, 2 Protein. These are a must have for summer.  Even my sister who hates “diet food” asked my Mom to buy some for their house.*

* I was not paid by Weight Watchers to endorse this product, but maybe they’ll see this post and pay me for the next one! LOL

  1. OH I haven’t seen those ones yet! I like the cappuccino flavored ones and the cookie crunch bars. Even my hubby eats those!!

  2. I love this too but I keep it for cheat days. It’s nice but I don’t like this kind of food on my healthy days.

  3. They are delicious, and so are the toffee-crunch ones! (just not as big as the de leches, sadly..lol)

  4. Melissa, cookie crunch? uh oh, sounds like trouble lol

  5. Dee, I understand, I was eating one a day and had to scale it back. Good job on the self control

  6. Tracy, toffe crunch sounds great! I haven’t tried any other flavors yet.

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