I was visiting Roni’s Weigh and saw a cool post called When I Was a Kid.  I pour my guts out to you guys a couple times a week, but you probably don’t know much about my childhood, so…here goes!

1. My parents told me… My Daddy told me, you can be anything you want to be, a doctor, a lawyer or an Indian Chief . He also said “nothing is free child.” My mom always said, “Be sweet” and as I got older, she would say “Be Sweet, and if you can’t be sweet, be careful!” LOL
2. I wanted to grow up to be a…Lawyer. ..I turned out to be a awesome Paralegal with no desire to be a lawyer. Although in Kindergarten I wanted to be a ballerina or a postal carrier.
3. I refused to eat… Spinach or Brussels Sprouts. Now, I think Spinach is great! I’m still scared of Brussels sprouts.
4. My favorite thing to do outside was… Play hide and go seek across the neighborhood. Back in the 80’s, kids could freely roam the neighborhood.
5. I broke my…Collar bone twice, once in preschool when a boy accidentally did a Michael Jackson kick in my direction and in 3rd Grade while trying to turn and hands-free flip on the monkey bars… My mom banned monkey bars, and I haven’t been on them since.
6. I liked to wear… whatever my Mom picked out, it made life easy.
7. My parents always… made sure we had all of the things we needed and most of what we wanted.
8. I thought that Santa was… super cool, and quite talented to make it around the whole world in one night .
9. My favorite cartoon was… Animaniacs and TaleSpin

10. I was the… The tallest in every class until 5th grade, the doctors said I would grow to be 6 feet tall. I now stand the same as I did in 5th grade, a whopping 5’3 and a half.
11. I got in trouble when… I never really got in trouble, I liked being a good kid, but one time I did accidentally set the bathroom on fire. I sat a candle on the back of the toilet and a plastic plant caught fire. I was so scared that I closed the door and didn’t tell anyone….bad idea.
12. My bedroom was… messy with Michael Jackson Posters on the wall…not much different today except the posters are in my home office.
13. My favorite food was…Cake. I even wrote a book in 4th grade called “The Cake”

14. My parents always made me…do my homework and wash the dishes. And do boy stuff like cut the grass because I didn’t have any brothers. $5 for cutting the backyard, and $3 for the front.
15. My first crush was… On a boy named Rickey Cravens in 5th grade, he had hazel eyes, and all the girls would stand by the fence to catch a glimpse of him getting off the school bus.
16. My favorite toy was… My cassette player with the clear plastic and you could see all the moving parts inside.
17. I thought school was… Easy.
18. My biggest fear was… Heights, it still is, but claustrophobia is a close runner up.   If you want to see a crazy scene, get me stuck in a revolving door.
19. My favorite story was… I loved to read and still do! Actually, I was wrong earlier, I would get in trouble for sneaking and reading late at night when I was supposed to be in bed asleep. But, any way, my favorite stories were, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (duh, I like food), and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and this book called The Rats of Nimh (Highly intelligent Rats conducted experiments to boost their knowledge to human level)…and this book called the Liver Cookies , when I first learned what an entrepreneur was, and knew I wanted to be one!
20. My favorite memories…I was blessed with a happy drama free two parent family home. I remember seeing my parents all dressed up for a night on the town. I remember my jazz, tap, ballet concert and getting to wear makeup. Playing Barbies with my sister and eating fresh strawberries out the neighbor’s backyard. Christmas mornings, and getting my 1st fish tank. Having a summer birthday which made for great pool parties. Babysitting to make money at age 10. Disney World’s Epcot center on a family vacation… I have too many to name.

  1. This was so cute! I am going to steal and link back to you?

  2. Hi Melissa! Of course feel free to link or add to your blog. I actually forgot to say it was ok.

  3. I hate revolving doors too. My heart races a bit just thinking about them 🙂

  4. Oh Aubree! I thought was the only one lol

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