I’ve been eating less and moving more. I wish I could make it sound sexier, but that’s about it. One of my blog readers reached out to me and gave me a great boost of encouragement. I’ve been tracking my points and catching up on my 5K training. I’m not totally sure how my weight is, because my Little Sister has all this Senior stuff like every other day, especially on weigh in days. Last week was Senior Award’s day, and this week will be Senior Mass (she goes to a private catholic school) and then graduation. Did I ever tell y’all how smart she is? She got so many awards and her GPA is 3.8. Her goal is to do better than me in life. I told her to start competing with me when she owns a multi-family apartment building and has a Master’s degree by age 25, lol. But, she’s catching up quickly! She’s been accepted to several colleges, and is planning on attending medical school and wants to become a spine surgeon. I’m pretty sure that she will achieve her dreams. When I recently went to the gym, I forgot my iPod. Trying to run without music is like torture. I did the treadmill for about 15 minutes, and then I got on the elliptical machine for another 15 minutes. That was about all I could take, it was so boring. Now that the weather has broken, it’s time for me to get back to my outdoor routine for a change of scenery.
I went to an OA (Overeaters Anonymous) meeting on Saturday. It’s mirrored after the AA program, but the term “alcoholic” is swapped with “compulsive overeater.”  The meeting was set up like a round table discussion. One lady shared a story about abstinence. I still don’t totally understand how the program works, but I think she abstains from sugar.   She was an older lady that will soon need to move into assisted living housing and she said the stress of no longer being independent made her want to overeat. At first I was thinking that there was no way I could relate to her, but after hearing her story it helped me realize that being an overeater is something I will have to deal with until I’m old and grey. And that waiting for life to “settle down” so that I can really “focus” is never going to happen. She said that although the night before she ate Twizzlers candy at the theater, she forgave herself and still came to the meeting. Forgiving yourself and not having the guilt is a major process that many of the members focused on. I’m glad that I went, and I’m making a conscience effort to let go of the guilt.

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