This weekend was jam-packed! On Thursday evening, my little sister graduated from High School. She graduated with honors and made us all so proud.

The Graduate with her sisters

The Graduate and her parents

On Friday night I went out with my friend to a new bistro called “Desserts on the Boulevard.” To my surprise I didn’t have any dessert, just enjoyed the live music with my friends. I just realized that I haven’t given you guys an update on The Gentlemen, the guy I’m dating. We had our 3rd date. He lives about an hour away, so he drove to St. Louis and we spent the day together. We shopped at the farmer’s market and I loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies. Then I gave him a tour of St. Louis. We went downtown near Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play baseball, then we went to Forest Park, drove through the Central West End and lastly we went to the U City Loop. I was supposed to cook dinner, but we were both pretty tired after the tour of the town. He said I didn’t “have” to cook and we went to the Golden Corral restaurant instead. Later, one of my guy friends told me I failed the test, and that the gentleman was just trying to see if I really wanted to cook for him. Well, I flunked with flying colors, if you tell me I don’t have to do something that I really don’t want to do anyway, you should know I’m probably not going to do it.   After the date, we watched TV for a little while and then he went back home. When I asked him what he thought about our day, he said “not bad.” Not bad??!! But the ironic part is that I felt the same way. I was so excited about him because he’s an engineer, with no kids and goals for the future. But we just don’t have much in common beyond that. I was hoping to find that spark while we spent the day together, but while we were at dinner, all I could think about what was, what’s going to happen next in my Hunger Games book. *Sigh* We’ve talked on the phone once since then, and briefly mentioned a 4th date.   My friends said give him time to warm up, I’m definitely not opposed to it, so we will see what’s next….

Anyway, back to my weekend. My niece turned 4, can you believe it? It seems like just the other day, she had us all stressed out and living at the hospital when she was born nearly 4 months early, weighing less than 2 pounds.

But she is a survivor and she loves horses. My sister had a horse and a pony come to the house. All the little kids had a blast.

That evening, my old co-worker friend was in town and we did our favorite past time and went to the movies to see “The Avengers.” It was fun to see all the characters in one movie. Sunday morning I got up and went church. I’m not sure if I told you guys or not, but I feel like I’ve outgrown my family church. Each week, for the past couple of months I’ve visited a new church. It’s so nice to expand my definition of “church.” After service my sister had a graduation dinner party. It was decorated so cute! She had an after-party for her friends, even though I’m “old” I was invited. But, because I’m old, I was exhausted from the party filled weekend and I went home and fell asleep on the couch.

Graduation party with her friend

  1. Congrats to your Lil Sis on her honors. How proud you all must be of her and her accomplishments.

    Time to think outside the box. You both workout, try to find an activity you can do together on your next date. Hiking Weldon Springs, maybe or stand-up paddle board. Take in a baseball game. Who doesn’t love music…how about discovering a local band or rummaging through a local record store. As a matter of fact, I see Madeleine Peyroux played in your town just this past Sunday…Wow – sounds of New Orleans right in your backyard. Or better yet, hit the comedy club for some laughs.

    So you failed the cooking test…big whoop – that was a whirlwind weekend and I wouldn’t have cooked either. But maybe for date 4, you could plan a cooking class for the 2 of you. Check out Williams Sonoma or Whole Foods for their next class or dinner at the Culinary School.

    There are tons of options to spark the spark. We just have to put on our thinking cap.

  2. If you are interested in a 4th date, by all means go for it. But, I have to say plenty of people told me to give some of my fine, but not sparky first dates a second chance-I didn’t. Who knows…maybe I would be married to the librarian who seemed great via email and phone calls, but in person was just kind of blah, if I had taken advice of my well meaning friends. I was so bummed at the time too, because his last name starts with an “A” and I thought it would be SOOOO cool if my initials were AAA. Just my unsolicited 2 cents :).

    Those dates in the comment above do sound like fun!

  3. Hey Tex! We are SO proud of her, she’s trying to get an internship at the VA hospital, so she can get a head start in the medical field. I like your suggestions, there is tons of stuff to do in STL. I haven’t heard back from him though…I sent 2 texts and left a v-mail. I think he felt kinda “egh” like I did…. But of course I’ll keep you ladies updated…and I got your email. I’m waiting till I can sit down and really respond, you’ve got a lot going on in your own life and I appreciate you taking time out to cheer me on. Thanks Sista girl!!!

  4. Hey Aubree! I won’t say his whole last name, but you know how us girls like matching it up to see how it sounds. He’s orginally from South Africa and has an African last name and it’s “Odu” for short…. his full last name is a mouth full. lol I was willing to give it another try, but, like I was telling Tex above, he hasn’t returned my text or my call. That fact that I’m indifferent and not really upset about him not calling back speaks volumes. Some things that look great on paper, aren’t that great in person. I could be missing out on my rich gentlemen or dodging a life of bordem….I guess I’ll never know lol

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